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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Holy Friken Smoly! :sunglasses: You certainly have me covered with the MB Plumcake NET you sent me! :grin: Nectar of the Gods, this stuff is!

Mixed it at 20%, 50p/50v @9mg nic… Daddy wants MOAR! :speaking_head:

Well done YOU! :man_student:


Wow, great man. I’m so glad you liked it!!


Woot cannot wait.


I pulled out the Plumcake I mixed which was on 3.4.17. Since it extracted for so long I only mixed mine at 4%. It’s got plenty of flavor even at that low percentage. And it seems to have rounded off considerably - shedding a lot of that initial rawness.

This is making me have second thoughts about NETs. You know, at your suggestion I got the Aeropress for Christmas. Used it on this NET but otherwise it’s just been making the best cup of coffee ever. So…no more excuses. I’ll get back to the game plan and try more NETs. Thanks for the encouragement!!!


Mixing it at 20% should give you some indication of how potent I like my NET vapes! :scream:

For me… the percentage I used with your NET, is just awesomely awesome! :+1:


Welp, im all healed up my having bits of me removed, none of the good stuff… So i got back to mixing today and here are a couple that i mixed.

I may have gone just a bit light on the honey, this time, after changing the cream %s.

I finger tested this one (5-5-17) and im going to bump it to 120ml, perhaps with a small bump in honey bee or Honey (FA) addition @ .05%:

And i had to make some minor changes to this:

As for what i am vaping, i am finishing off the last of this:

MmMMMmM, diacetyl…


Mmmmmm, going to have to try that Patissiere. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I vaped it at 1 month and it wasnt bad and two months was close enough to make me vape the 120ml i made. There are 6 other versions waiting to be tested just as soon as i finish the rest of this which will probably be tonight. This one was meant to be a heavy, dark caramel custard.

I didnt post the others as they all have a flavoring that isnt available to everyone, yet. They are all quite a bit lighter tho.

Hope you enjoy should you give it a go and this one might work better for you:

Ill give it a try in 7 or 8 days.


Quit smoking after about 39 years of it. Vaping was the solution… now at over 4 months with 0 cigarettes… :slight_smile:

Got my ingredients today and made my first mixes.
Unicorn Milk, Caramel Lattaccino, and some Skittles type juice.

Being a DJ and musician, I can see I’m going to enjoy refining my mixing skills now with the e-liquids.

Looking forward to it.

Shout out to the host of this great resource!



A few more that i am sitting down to mix:

For @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit:

This one may need some kind of nut so there will be a couple more versions:

This one i may have gone just a tad high on the Cardamom:

After a finger test this one bot bumped to 120ml:

As for what im vaping, Sugar Rush. Getting ready to crack open a month old bottle of Subliminal by Gmix, stuffs gud…


You’re making me hungry and tempting me to get new flavors! :smirk:


Like that’s hard to do with any of us. Lol.


I’m going to cry when this bottle of Plumcake is gone! :sob:

I can’t put this shit down! :kissing_heart::dash::dash::dash:


I have will power but it doesn’t have me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A couple more for today:

I probably have 30 different cheesecake recipes but i have never used Italian Cream in any of them, hoping for a little bite…

This one is inspired by @Pro_Vapes Subliminal which is fackin marvelous…

Not sure if ill mix much more than that, today, me tired…

Happy mixing!


Decided to finally mix something up with my newly acquired DIYFS Holy Vanilla, so made up some 15ml testers of…


Combo NET: Peter Stokkebye 84 Turkish and C&D Perique (1/2 & 1/2)… awesomely awesome! :sunglasses: Really hits the mark for an ADV!


That Maple Glazed Oatmeal Cake tho… :yum: Looks delicious!


I really hope this translate into a good mix.


And that little Fuji trick, aah… :ok_hand: