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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Def looking forward to reading it.


Hi there CallMeTut.
Longtime lurker here. Mixed up the PB cereal the other day myself. I subbed Cereal 27 cap @ 3.5% and used Sugar cookie at 2%. I left out the AP, as I assumed the C27 would have enough. Will report back in a week or two! Looking forward to trying my first (sorta) subbed mix - good luck with your mix.


Nothing all that exciting today. Mixing up some batches of Zero nic to blend with existing batches of 6mg. Found over the last month that my vaping journey continues to evolve. 6mg which was necessary to satisfy the throat hit from analogs has now become harsh and distasteful. 3mg is now much more pleasant and suffice to avoid cravings. I’m quite pleased with the direction this is all going.


How is that Cereal 27 (Cap) ??
I need something bursting with CORN !!
Up in your face time something strong enough to bolster my Corn Bread note.
But I don’t want a Candy Corn or a Buttered Popcorn. type of taste.


Hiya Bob.
Too be really honest, I just made the sub because it is in the notes from Charlie’s recipe, he mentions it as a replacement for sugar cookie. It was an experiment to see if it would replace the AP too. Two birds with one stone and all that…
I’ll let ya’ll know how it works out.


I am mixing another 90 ML of my Baked Cinnamon Roll. A couple weeks ago I mixed Pink Lemonade, Tobacco, and Baked Cinnamon Roll. Running out of the cinnamon again! Have a great day, folks!


FWIW in the change up that I made (the RFSC (Real Flavors SC) recipe) I didn’t use AP in it either… I know the original recipe called for both AP and possibly saline, neither of which I used. While I don’t “mind” the cereal version, I tend to enjoy less “crunchy” vapes… just personal preference is all.


Bob, I have noticed when using it that CAP Yellow Cake produces a corn bread type flavor. It is especially prominent when I use it with Inw Lemon Cake.


Right now my current three in rotation is my Sadlad Toast Crunch recipe, and two recipes I’m just about done with. One is a samoa cookie, the other is a blueberry cream cake. But I also have SixStrings Teleos clone and Vurves Ice Cream Birthday Cake that is always on my desk.


I love Sadlad Toast Crunch. Very tastey stuff. I’ve been working on a Samoa for a while but I cant find the right Coconut. TFA Coconut Extra tastes like mold to me. I’ve tried a few others but nothing has really worked for me.


I got sort of lucky with my Samoa, I just need to tweak them cookie a bit to get it to pop and then I will be done. None of the coconuts by themselves worked, I had to play with it a little bit.


Hi all just figured I’d jump in and let you guys know what I’m vaping and mixing more of tonight. This is the first time I attempted this trial recipe and I think it turned out great!
Caps rootbeer @ 3-5 percent depending on rootbeer preference
Tfa whipped cream @1
Caps vbic @3.5
Tfa vbic 3.5
And vanilla swirl 2
It’s a nice smooth refreshing vape even for its simplicity! Also you can use one type of vbic I just did two outta curiosity!


Finally got my husband to make this recipe public after countless hours of bugging. It is delicious, and tastes like an Orange Glazed Cinnamon Roll. PS, GalacticResidue, your name makes me think of the stuff left over in space from warp nacelles. :wink:



Lol that is true! I think the same thing. It’s been my screen name on PlayStation and Xbox for years so I figured I’d just use it here as well. By the way I like the sound of your recipe I’ll have to mix it up when I get a few of those flavors!


I don’t remember what brand, but there was a corn flavoring that had good reviews. And odd brand. Maybe search the flavor list on the recipe side?


The corn flavor is from health cabin and the sell it at one stop diy shop.


Thank you!!! @Bob_Bitchen ^^^^^^^^


Health Cabin and Amoretti both list a Sweet Corn
FA shows a Corn on the online site
That’s the only ones I’ve found so far.


A new one that just got ripe enough to try out. I was quite happy how it turned out.


Just mixed up a tester so far this morning, I haven’t tried either of these ingredients, a simple mix of:

Blackberry Shortbread Cookie
3.00% Short Bread Cookie (SC) (Real Flavors)
2.00% Blackberry (SC) (Real Flavors)

Finger test was nice.