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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


This is what I’m vaping at the moment.


Ooh that sounds really good! I make these cinnamon rolls with cranberry filling and orange glaze (that I can’t eat anymore because of the ridiculous amount of sugar in them…lol), I bet some of purilum’s cranberry orange in that recipe would get me close to those!


Gonna share the recipe with the class? :grin:


Once it’s finished. I feel like the cookie aspect could be just a touch more accurate. Though I may almost be done with my Bit O Honey recipe so that might be released soon.


Tonight I’m vaping my Fruity Pebbles and Banana Cream Pie, both are very good.

I mixed three new recipes tonight. The finger tastes are good… especially the Chocolate cake. The mint note is a little strong on the punch, but it usually falls off a little during the steep.




Vaping this at the moment. It turned out so so good. I can taste the fried dough, copious amounts of powdered sugar, lemon zest, and smooth lemon curd. And it’s only steeped for 3 days. Yum!


It turned out quite nice, I just wish I could enjoy fruit vapes more than I do. I can tolerate maybe 10ml at a time of fruit, then it has to be back to a custard, cake, or tobacco. It really limits my mixing creativity :neutral_face:.


It’s been in my “to mix” spreadsheet since you posted it earlier today. Sounded so good. I just need to buy MF Lemon and PUR Marshmallow.


You could probably use another mm, it’s pretty similar to tpa. But definitely get the mf lemon!!


Amy, Yes I do use FLV Gingersnap. I throw together a Cookie mix in my Black SMOK RDTA (that always contains cookie). I put one drop of Clove, Two Apples INW, Biscuit, Acetyl Pyrazine, vanilla Madagascar or any vanilla, and some caramel or butterscotch and sweetener always. It is the Only, only flavor I swear that I have pre-mixed with another single flavor. I’ve got it mixed with Gingerbread Cookie TPA. I know this is an old post, but I just came apon it today. I don’t add brown sugar or Deluce Deluce to my Cookie mix. I don’t add cinnamon either, but I guess you could. Also, if you have Baked Bread RF or Cinnemon Danish TPA it’s real good. I’ll be you knew all that.


As for Pecan… I find it is hard to taste too. Perhaps it needs the bitter part. Would FW Liquid Amber do it? My FW Butter Pecan doesn’t taste much like pecans at all. But it is good. It’s been steeping as a single flavor at 10% for about a year now. One things for sure, I truly get very well steeped flavors using my methods. If I throw together something in my tank using single steeped flavors. I can taste them without being faded at all. I just tried the FW Butter Pecan in my Gingerbread Cookie mix. It did perk it up and help tame the bread in it. Now I tried Black Walnut TPA that’s been steeping 2 years. Nice texture and very nice flavor. Tried Hazel Grove - that sucks. Hazelnut TPA - no good. I’d put in the pecan or the walnut. I have 30ml concentrate of the Hazel Grove but doubt i’ll use it. I like TPA Hazelnut instead. Oh ya… Guys… What does DX stand for? I.e. Hazelnut DX by TPA.
LOL… This Black Walnut is good. Just added it to my tank of Gingerbread Cookie.

I’ve been vaping Two Apples IWA with Sugar Cookie TPA with a tiny bit of butter, pie crust and butterscotch. Beware - the Two Apples has been steeped about 8 months. That is one flavor that I do not like until it steeps a long time. Smells like (I won’t say and ruin it for you). It’s something that crawls.


Wow! You still have a flavor that has steeped for 2 years. Incredible! I’d hate to see what your steep cabinet looks like.


Well, you see… I keep each of my over 300 flavors steeped individually in a 10 ml bottle. I often mix in my tank using these ‘single’ steeps. I keep them in a cupboard on my coffee table where I vape most often. I have 22 mods with tanks all running on my coffee table too. I got an old Sigelei last week at a sale, and it is now in my bathroom and holds key lime pie. I like Aromamizers the most but I have a few SMOK RDTAs, a Griffin, Therom, Avocado, and two Chulhua (sp?).Also have a Cleito, but it may get given away. Also a couple of Baby Beasts by SMOK and a G4 and TFV4, TFV4 mini which FYI will take a glass from a Cleito Bubble tank glass. Just ordered 2 to do that and so excited. Needed a replacement glass for a TFV4 Mini and found a Cleito glass fits it. Now, I’m going to try the bubble glass for the Cleito on the TFV4. Going to post in Good Deals 2017 since I was shopping last week for my family.


Orangie? Oh hell, if Ricky endorses it I must try this mix!!! :slight_smile:


Of course my husband up and changed the recipe because he wasn’t happy with the slight cinnamon flavor. Ahhh. I thought it was really yummy. Frickin differences of opinion.


I have been working on a Hazelnut Cream Toffee Cake, with slight black coffee that I absolutely love called Cup-a-Cake. It is overly cakey, so I am sure it wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but I like it.


Today’s mixing marathon was:



And B-A-N and Freckles of course.







(Had to sub FLV Cream for FA Cream Fresh)



A WIP which may or may not be a success


And about 15 SFT’s



Looks like a great recipe! Lemonilla - ymmmmm! :slight_smile:


Wow…busy day. Please let me know how the lemonilla comes out also, looks yummy.


Here’s mine for the weekend. Happy Memorial Day everyone! http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1470213/saved Blood orange cream