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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Simple but delicious.

Forest Fruit Sweet Custard

Ingredient %
Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) 7
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 3
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 13%

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I mixed up a bunch of new recipes yesterday and played around with a few new flavors. @Skullblade789 suggested I try fw honey since all I taste with other honey flavors is cat piss…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Finger test on these are both pretty tasty.
Sour cherry honey stix:

Honey whip:


See I know some things or two. Not very much, but somethings. LOL.


Mixed up a smoothie mix. Has alpine strawberry, cherimoya, banana, kiwi and persimmon.
Still in beta bit its really yummy!


Would love to have a crack at that one when you are ready to share sounds delicious


I will post the recipe when it is steeped some more and re tested!! Thank you!


So what have I been vaping? The below is a wip. This is version # 1. I have only mixed with marshmallow and mango mf prior to this. This is a nice creamy vape. Really hit it out of the park on the first try. (Suited for me…for realistic fruit flavors) The harsh/pepper notes from mango are addressed by mallow and vanilla whip. French vanilla ice cream is required. This needs a bit more white cream and a vanilla bean (any thoughts?)

Man’go Icecream

Mango flv 3%
Mango mf 0.5%
Marshmallow FA 2%
French vanilla ice cream HS 2%
Vanilla whip cream cap 2%


Mixed up 90ml of Kreeds Kustard and vaped 2 tanks already :yum:


I’m working on my 4th tank today of Lemon Geography. I fucking love this stuff.


This looks so good. French Quarter is one of my all time favs. I’ll bet the lemon kicks it up a notch… gotta get this mixed up!


I am loving it so much, I keep taking about it… My husband and friends are probably ready to tell me to stfu about it already. :laughing:
And as a side note, I personally like it best between 3 days and 2 weeks. It’s not exactly a shake n vape but it’s damn close. The first two days the joy is still yeasty and overly strong.


Where did you get the persimmon? I love’em!
My kids, not so much, but then again, I have tricked them into biting in green one’s! Oh, the puckers!! :laughing:


I am about to throw some LA Cream Cheese Icing and PUR Nilla Wafer w/ milk together, just gotta figure out what else to put in, the simple profile of the two is plenty heavy but I want maybe one more thing in it at least.

Touch of cinnamon? Nah
Banana? No


I do know this; the Nilla Wafter smells GREAT but I haven’t touched it since I first got it and threw it in a couple of recipes at 3 and 3.5%. They were not good… This leads me to believe that this is actually one of Purilum’s stronger flavors. Will have to take it easy.

Now if I can just think of a third ingredient that doesn’t throw off the recipe too much.

RF SC Sugar Cookie! Should add some sweetness as well as softness.

Iced Nilla Wafer-

Gonna be easy to build onto this one, but its a start. Been wanting to throw the LA and PUR together for a while now. Might not even add anything else, weirdly simple but full, profile.


Flavorah has persimmon!!! :wink:


Have you taken a look at Frosting FLV? I know CCI LA is popular around here and elsewhere, but for me, the cheese aspect does get a bit weird in some mixes.

The Frosting FLV adds a true icing note with nothing weird backing it up. I’ve even used it as a powdered sugar sweetener. It’s a very soft sweetener that I feel could be used like MM and Meringue in mixes. I really like it with dessert mixes over the CCI. I haven’t tried it with fruits yet, but it does wonders for cookies and cakes. It doesn’t take much to influence a mix… I like it at 0.6-1%.

There isn’t much noise about it yet, but I’m fairly certain that it will find it’s place in time.

EDIT: I also use it in a Twinkie Filling

0.8% FLV Frosting
1% FA Cream Whipped
0.8% FA Meringue


Mixed up 30ml each of adaptations of:

Zoochberry Cream

Ginger Juice

Moon Butter


I actually have been using lately, it has been replacing FA Meringue in my Froot Loops recipe as the frosting. I have been playing with it more myself, but I actually wanted this mix to be a little funky, haha.

I might add it in later when I make a V2 or add more the this recipe. I just gotta see how the base turns out first. I have had a little more luck with LA CCI at lower percentages, but it does have a very defined taste as you have noticed.

Interesting twinkie filling, what do you use for the bread part? I tried to make a twinkie a month ago and it turned out so god awful :joy_cat:


I got ya now. I know some mixers think the only icing out there is CCI. It is good for some applications, but it’s not that universal icing I was hoping for. I mixed it with Glazed Donut CAP and they just didn’t mesh. I hope things turn out great for you.


Hopefully, will probably go the FLV route if it doesn’t satisfy.

I did also make a chocolate glazed donut recipe a while back that turned out really well, thanks to direction from one of your recipes (Thanks!). I used the RF SC Brownie alongside CAP Glazed Donut and a couple other things I cant remember off the top of my head. Turned out pretty good.

I got FA Zeppola recently, I was hoping I could sub it for CAP Glazed Donut, and so far it smells very promising. Have you messed with Zeppola at all? I didn’t know about its existence until recently. I ask because I am surprised to see you still using CAP Glazed Donut.


I do have Zep, but I have yet to crack the seal on it.

I have 2 or 3 recipe request for the Glazed, so it’s still necessary for me. I actually like it in lower %. I’ll definitely try sub’n the Zep though… Thanks for the reminder.