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What're you listening to?


I’m diggin’ it Ozo! :grinning:


@Rob62 :grinning:


Jeff Beck should work with this girl.


Celtic Rock anyone?

Forgive the poor video quality of The Mummer’s Dance. And no, that’s not James Carville playing fiddle. And yes, that is a hurdy gurdy you see being cranked, not a musical coffee grinder. And before you ask guys, her name is Caroline Lavelle on the cello. I know you’re looking :slight_smile:




Behind the Scenes of Highly Suspect’s 4-Minute Long Take Music Video Shot Underwater


The video I posted came from Marina Kazankova’s youtube channel. She has a few more videos showing her free diving.
This one is amazing as well , she swam 154 meters underwater with one breath.A new world record


She always looks good…wet.


She would look good covered in baby powder in the middle of Death Valley! Respectively speaking from one old horndog to another!:laughing:
But of course we do like em wet!


Buddy Rich had absolutely mad motivational skills!
Fantastic drummer as well!:grinning:



My picks

#1 John Bonham
#2 Keith Moon
#3 Ginger Baker


Hard to disagree with any of them and my list would be similar.I would have Neil Peart slightly ahead of Ginger Baker but that is just me and my influences.Many say Mr. Baker is no.1 and I can’t argue against that.
Not Bonham’s best or most difficult but this is my favorite.

Keith Moon , this one does it for me!

Neil Peart , not his best but who doesn’t love Tom Sawyer!

Ginger Baker , this is my favorite!

Simply unreal!


Hard to deny Ginger Baker. Top 3 would be very close to Rob’s but I would throw Terry Bozzio in there for honerable mention.


I’ve been playing drums since I was 12 years old . The reason for my picks is all 3 were the pioneers of ( off beats )




The last time I looked in here you were all talking about musicians. Now you’re talking about drummers :smile:


The Heartbeat of music … LOL


There was someone at my door the other night. I knew it was a drummer because he kept knocking but didn’t know where to come in lol


He kept knocking faster and faster!
What is the difference between a drummer and a drum machine?

You only need to punch in the information to a drum machine once!:laughing: