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What're you listening to?


It’s funny because it’s true lol


Good thing most drummers are free spirits and good hearted! Lord they sure have to take plenty of shit!


I still play drums on occasion so I can get away with. I heard them all a million times lol


I never could play much of anything other than a radio but I always enjoyed hanging around the musicians…as well as the drummers!:laughing:
Most times the drummers were always the life of the party!


I was always very professional when playing. No drinking while gigging and all that kinda thing :wink:





John & Ginger no doubt. Bonzo was a monster, on time all manner of styles. Wowsers. His drum solo were too long. But I’ll forgive him that, he had great musicianship.

Ginger, well what can ye sa. Pioneer of double bass, one of the first to get the crossover from jazz to rock drumming done right. Ginger made Mitch Mitchell seem 2nd rate which is an accomplishment. From Ginger " gonzo & moonie can’t swing for shit"… He’s right… Bonzo did not need to either way.

Now I got to drop Moon from the side. He always had an asterisk next to his name. Unlike the others. “changes tempo, not metronomic” you can hear it for yourselves too. He’s good but that little fault slight timing errors. He could pull along a song, but never capable of sitting deep in the pocket. Yeah super powerful and colourful on your way out, sir. We’ve got to find someone better.

So who do you bring in Neal Peart no he didn’t appeal to your blue collar rocker. Too intricate. Got to be Dave Grohl. I’ll take Dave everyday before Keith hell also be more sober, not that that’s always a great thing. All rounder technician, power, musical, intricate, emotional. Whole package.

So we agree on 2 for rock drummers. That ain’t bad,

Best drummer I’ve ever seen. Full stop.




John Moreland is going to be at the Ryman Auditorium with this band next month.It saddens me that I can’t make it.
I am trying to make it to the show in Bowling Green at the Warehouse but I much prefer the Ryman.


Aww, let us know how magnificent it turns out if you go!


A couple of my favorites


Go Falcons :+1:




Gavin Harrison just oozes class.


I almost felt like crying a little watching this - wow, that’s beautiful art!


Will do , I like John Moreland after a friend told me about a song on Sons of Anarchy but I really want to see Shovels and Rope.
I think he is very talented but…I prefer not to cry when I go to concerts.:grinning:





Sometimes it just can’t be helped, lol. When it hits the right spots… :wink:


I agree but to quote another artist , “I am into happy and I don’t like sad”:grinning: