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What's your favorite squonk rda?


Finally decided to get on the squonk wagon. Ordered the Gbox and a Bonza to go on top. What’s everyone’s go to rda for squonking?


Mine is anything but the bonza. My negative block post won’t stay tight. I will not buy another rda from vandyvape that doesn’t have the negative milled into the deck.

I have 2 dead rabbit 24 clones, a pulse 24, a pulse 22, a dead rabbit sq and an athena all in rotation with single coil builds and honestly can’t pick a favorite.


That’s interesting about the Bonza. I haven’t seen anyone else having that issue. If I do run into the same issue you are having I do have a couple other rdas that are squonkable.


I have seen a couple other complaints about it but most people say they don’t have the issue so mine was probably just part of a bad batch. Hopefully yours does not have that issue.


Iconic and Aladdin. Pretty well matched.


I’m glad you brought up the Iconic. I have it and it is not the best as a dripper due to the center post. It’s a leak waiting to happen. However, maybe I can get some good use out of it as a squonker.


You’ve got that right. I can drip with it if I carefully pull the top and paint the coils. Gotta really be in the right mood for that kind of putzing around. Like a lot of BF’s, it takes a couple of squeezes to get the feel for the right amount but it will push out great flavor.


@NChris I’ve got VERY limited squonk experience, and only have one currently, so not sure what it’s worth, but the GBox has proved to be quite the squonker, even with a few small shortcomings.


For me it is kind of a toss up between the Hadaly and the Wasp Nano.

The only other ones I have are the Druga and the Pulse 22 but neither stack up to the Hadaly or Wasp in my personal opinion.


I like this one



I’ve been impressed with the little Radar that comes with the GBOX kit personally. I’ll branch out more soon enough though.


That one is on my very short list and will be ordered very soon. Seems like it is a very well thought out design.


Yep and I don’t over squonk it :smiley:
like I do with the Hadaly and the Wasp wich are Good RDA’s but I just seem to over squonk them
Love the top air design on the Sentinel


Sounds like I’m right where you’re at as far as squonking goes. I figure it’ll be a nice way to get into squonking as I’m not much for single battery mods.


I have the Wasp and I like it but at the same time it’s kind of an oddity to me. With the size of it, the reduced chamber and it being a single coil, it should be a flavor monster. However, so far the flavor has been good, not great, and it’s easily the biggest cloud chucker I’ve ever used that’s just a single coil rda.


Bonza and Drop tied for favorite 24s on the GeekVape. Dead Rabbit SQ22 on a PICO Squeez (surprisingly good vape for me when I’m stealthing). 24mm Dead Rabbit is nice just not as good a vape as the 2 favorites. Also use a Goon v1.5 also ok but gets hot on the lips. I have the Blitz Goul 22 and The Pulse 24 on the way we shall see how they work out. The Radar on the GeekVape is actually a good BF RDA and still use it from time to time.


I like the Wasp Nano probably the best for flavor(O-rings suck though). The Nudge 22 is very good also if you dont mind a restricted lung hit. If I want a nice airy hit, I usually use the Pulse 22 or the Drop.


have the rda that came with cov tempest and dead rabbit , dead is my one and only rda i use , no complaints , great flavor


I have the Dead Rabbit and the Drop Dead Rabbit is ok, but… love the Drop


I think I’m going to have to spring for the Sherman 25. I love the 28mm Sherman, so I think the 25 will do nice on the Gbox.