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What's your favorite squonk rda?


I got the Rabbit last week and it’s been really great, very happy so far. I wanted to try a single build on a squonker and saw enough positive reviews to try it (and I like Hellvape). Wondered what other of these suggested RDA’s have good single performance too. The Radar that came with the GBOX doesn’t abide a single build.


You might want to check out the Recurve RDA that is going to be released fairly soon. It’s a dedicated single coil RDA that looks pretty promising from the reviews I’ve watched. Per the reviews great flavor and no problems with over squonking with an easy build deck.


Hey, I don’t know if you use the Goon 1.5 wide open, but I bought a few of these for mine and they work perfectly. I didn’t like the Drip Tip it came with, and my lips would get a little hot using as well. It’s obviously not the best looking, but it shortens the distance from tip to coil and improved the flavor tremendously.



Thank you so much I shall give them a try

Edit.: Ordered a few and of course other stuff, can’t help myself…


I have to say the Wasp, for me, the flavor is great my o-rings were good and the ease of the build is great the only con would have to be a slight whistle sometimes, this is on the top of the other sqounkers I have, that being the one the Wraith came with, the Goon, Dead rabbit. Velocity clones of the original and mini, The O-atty clone, Boaz, Maze2, and many others That I can’t even think of. It holds first place, I run AVS flat Quad core fused wire with a 3.0mm diameter 7 or 8 wraps .43-.48 Ohm Build at 55-60 watts, the key is to get the height of the coil just right and wicked just right, I have the VLS, Etheon clone, Hadaly Clone on the way however I just keep going back to the wasps, I have a few, just easy and works not to mention cheap. I never got a better single coil build to taste with the vapor production still intact in anything else yet, I could get bigger clouds out of some of the duels but ther flavor is not on par with the wasp.


For 22mm I find that the Nixon1.5, the Hadaly, Entheon, Haku phenom and the NarDa are all good. As for 24mm the only one I have tried is the Goon 1.5 and that’s pretty good too.


dead rabbit works well , no leaks great flavor , easy to build
it is my fav
use it on cov wraith squonk


This one has taken the top spot for me



So far I’ve owned the drop and the Athena, in short the drop was the more intense and hard hitting of the 2 (on the mech I tried it on) and the Athena was the first time I’ve REALLY been able to taste my juice (it’s all about that bottom airflow). I’ve got a friend that has a Kennedy and a ReloadX and got to take a couple hits of each. The Kennedy was impressive but it leaked too much for me to consider it at $115 for the one i wanted. So I ordered the ReloadX it’s super well made, bottom airflow (flavor for days), basically the athena done right, and right now it’s as close to perfect as I can find. Hope this helps


Funny you bring up the Kennedy. I’ve always wanted one. About 2 weeks ago I had almost convinced myself. It was in my cart and then I realized that they don’t even give you a bag of spares. You have to buy it seperate. Once I realized that, I was done with the Kennedy dream. $100+ rda and you can’t even throw in some extra o rings and screws??? No thank you. I ordered the Sherman 25 instead.


Csmnt is good but you have to buy the block for it


Yeah, thats another thing that turned me off of the Kennedy. And I did consider the Sherman but 1 I couldn’t find a friend that had one for a hands on look and 2 that top to bottom air flow, postless(ish) deck, the reload x felt more familiar and I genuinely liked it. How’s the Sherman treat you?


Ditto, perhaps just to own a nice authentic U.S. made piece of gear. I owned similar and dripping down to a 3 post one can be messy, looking into the 2 posts more but ive heard the 3 are better flavor, why? no clue. Kennedy has a blemished section to save a few bucks, “blemishes” are minimal thinking QC is tight which is nice. https://www.kennedyvapor.com/collections/specials/products/2-post-kennedy-25-w-anodized-cap.
I am sucker for bottom air flow https://www.vaporbeast.com/cigreen-gear-rda.html being one of my favs in that category which btw is happy w/ a squonk pin. I have moved on to smaller rda tho finding flavor to good to put down, Entheon,hadaly,wasp. I just received a Vapefly Wormhole from @Everzonvapewholesale and finding it quiet nice for larger squonk rda but since “sample” QC is not as great, I didn’t receive a single coil airflow clamp.
PS. Whats the deal w/ preview in replying to posts? Just me that can’t see it?


I considered the ReloadX too. The only thing I was worried about was that on the original Reload, the airflow was a little too tight for my liking. I have the original 28mm Sherman and am very happy with it for my WhiteRose mod so I just went with the 28mm. Finding good bottom airflow rdas that leak like a broken faucet are hard to find so I may end up picking up the ReloadX in the future.


Another good bottom airflow rda that I don’t see too many people use is the VGod ProDrip. Great flavor, perfect airflow for me and as long as you don’t mind have enough patience to slowly drip down the middle, its a great rda, IMO.


The flavor on the 3 post 22mm Kennedy is outstanding! One of the better flavor rdas IMO. I just hate building on 3 post rdas.

I had no idea there was a preview thingy. I guess I can’t see it too.


Its nice to see how your pics or links will be shown, wonder whats up? @daath? no biggie tho…


Tried it and working fine for me. ???


I’ve only jumped on the Squonk train recently so I haven’t built my collection of squonk-able RDAs yet but I do have the: Beserker, Recurve, Wasp Nano, Goon V1.5 and the Loop. So far my most enjoyable one is the Loop.
I also have Velocity V2 clone that came with a BF pin only they forgot to drill the hole all the way thru. Should have see the mess that made. Teach me not to look for the light at the end of the tunnel…


I only have a few, but the Ephro Iguana has beat every other one.