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What's your favorite squonk rda?


With that Velocity V2 there’s actually an allen pin that you have to remove from that 510 pin in order for it to become squonkable. At least that’s the case for most of the V2s that I’ve encountered…


Holy moly, right you are! I’ve got a new way to play with an old toy. Thanks!


Have you discovered any nuances building this thing? I have done a couple basic builds and coil positions in this one and can only get ok flavor thus far although I have more ideas.


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Dude in all honesty you are already using some of the best squonking RDAs. I wish I could find a pulse 22, I think the 24 is everything a good squonking RDA is. With the 22 they postless deck killed the game. The flavor and AF set the stage for a new breed of RDAs that offer such amazing flavor.

What makes a good squonking RDA for me is:

  • Postless. I haven’t met a recent postless RSA design I haven’t liked. It’s not an absolute must but it definitely seems to do very well

  • Side angled airflow. This is a must. To get good flavor you need pitched angled AF. I really like the recurve because it’s smooth as butter air flow because of honey comb AF holes but there pitched. You need the air to travel the inside a barrel, or some other shaped/pitched/side air flow. The dead rabbit with the cut out allows for such good directional AF.

*Size… Know the way you prefer to vape. I know that I like exotic builds/flat builds/ braided builds. I wouldn’t go get a nardA because your severely limited to round wire, MAYBE small fused build. It’s a killer RDA for round wire but that’s it. I love at minimum small framed Staples. I need an RDA that doesn’t fuck my leads up.

*Short, or if a bit lengthy like the SQ, have your coils as close to AF ports and mouth as possible without melting your DT.

I am very partial to 2 piece RDAs. The pulse being the 3 piece exception. It’s not a must, but I think they generally do much better and don’t seep liquid.

Brother I hope this helped. No matter the size, or better orientation, I’ve left squonking to single coil configurations designed for prolonged use out and about. I prefer to drip at home and squonk in the road.

Have a wonderful day


Try raising your coil so that the bottom third of the coil is at the top of the air slot
I use a 3.5mm ID coil fused clapton or now I have been using flat 316L SS ribbon wire


ST Aeronaut V2
is more than worth its money.

For me its a misspelled PITA compared to a good clamp system with springs,
Each to his own :sunglasses:


To each is own is so the truth.

Clamp systems are ok too, but I love postless because you can really get that AF right up with tubes or pitched angled AF


Thanks for the feedback rob. I went to the 3.5mm and it is working better. I still feel this one should be doin better tho. I may have to go to the bandaid for this one! (Bandaid=clapton) :wink:


Looool bandaid. Good one.

I realized my go to coil is a somewhat simple framed staple. I feel like that point when you build your first fused Clapton… Like, the intense flavor, the well roundedness from the fused Clapton… It’s like that times 10.

I still vape fused Claptons all the time… But I usually just put the extra effort and get that 3 to 6 stack of ribbon in between them bunz.

I will say this, when building with stainless steel, it’s an entirely different ball game, and I’m reminded of the ancient Chinese proverb of less being more. I don’t even know what a Chinese proverb is, I just thought it sounded cool.