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What's your favorite wire for building coils?


I don’t know anybody locally that build coils. If I did I’d share.


I located some 317L welding wire / GPlat in small amounts from a European company. 50 meters £14.32 shipped to the US. I think that translates to about $16 or $17. I’ll update when it arrives. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.


It’s described as SS317L, But it’s the same as ER317L.
• Used in pollution control equipment where corrosion is too severe for type 316L.
• Also used where pitting is a problem in chlorine environments.
• Resists carbide precipitation due to the low carbon content.


Searching for the Ultimate Vapor. Some crazy new twists I’m working with.

Top: Twisted .9 mm flat kanthal wire, then untwisted with 28g kanthal and 28g 317L. I’m tagging this “Brillo Wire”
2nd: Twisted .9mm flat kanthal wire.
3rd: Triple twisted 28g kanthal, twisted with 24g 316L.
Bottom: Clapton Wire

Double twisted 28g Kanthal parallel with 26g GPlat wire.

Tiger coil

This is a new one I call “The Brillo Coil”. 7 wraps, 3mm center, .7 ohms

It glows so bright it triggered the dimmer on my camera. That’s one hell of a 3 wire combo.

Wire types, Ys & Ynots

I have some 0.4mm Titanium wire coming - Looking forward to building with that!


@daath Where did you get it?


I bought it from Greek esmokeguru.com, but German zivipf.com also has it. There is plenty of Titanium grade 1 & 2 on ebay, I noticed - those are probably easier for you to get in the USA! :slight_smile:


I located this in the US. https://www.etsy.com/listing/74698735/pure-titanium-wire-100-guarantee


and another good deal

It’s a little steep (price wise), but priced much better than what I saw on Amazon. Is this the right type for vaping?


Both state that they’re Titanium Grade 1 - so both should be good - Grade 1 or Grade 2 :smile:


Thanx daath. Your the man!!!


Ordered 50ft Titanium Grade 1 .50mm from ebay ($10.16 and free shipping). I’ve been reading good things about this wire. Let me know how you like it when it arrives.


Wire really matter. Most definitely the best vape I ever had.

Dual Clapton .1 ohms at 65w. 317L wrapped with 32g kanthal. I wasn’t trying to go that low, but it’s crazy vape down here.


I just did a dual classic coil (spaced) 6 wrap with 26g Titanium - came out to 0.28 ohm - in my brand new Goblin! :smiley: It’s awesome! :smiley: :smiley:


You beat me to it. :weary: Congrats :+1: … I’m so jealous right now. How you like 'em both?


I love both :smiley: heheh

A little downer though: I bought my Ti wire from esmokeguru.com - apparently it’s neither grade 1 or 2 - it’s a titanium alloy - can’t even tell what grade… But it has nickel, aluminium, iron and chromium in it :confused: I am still satisfied with its performance though!


Check it! Feeling lazy?


Dang. That really suck. At least you got the Goblin. I wanted to give you a “Like”, but I really don’t like the way it turned out.


Maybe that’s the way to go. Making those are real hard, and if you don’t do it right then you can waste a lot of wire.


I wrote to esmokeguru and his answer kinda makes sense:

It is grade 2 Titanium 92% and the of 8 % are the other metals.

It is an titanium alloy and it works very well.

The problem with Pure Titanium grade 1 for example is that it produce a fine white dust on the coil and this is titanium oxide which we is not good at all.

That’s the reason we have this alloy.

Titanium oxide is really not something we want to inhale! If alloying it can get rid of it, then I guess it’s good.

I think maybe they tried a lot - I think that guy knows “The Golden Greek”, who has the Proteus/VIR out which is a “temperature sensing” device that uses titanium wire…

Oh, that’s kinda cool :smiley:


Found that while I was on the Eciggity FB page. There were a lot of comments under the post and one of the comments from Eciggity was the response “APRIL FOO… No, it’s a real thing!”.

I’m a pretty simple coil kinda guy, but folks swear by that Clapton coil! I might give twisting one up a try, just to see if the hype is true!


Clapton is on my to-do as well - But I think I’ll try the chain coil v2 that @Aux likes :smile: