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What's your next purchase?


My next purchase is a Think Vape Dna 133 …only because I have a pal that has a brand new one for 120 Canadian which is a damn good price . I recently received a Vape Forward Vapor Flask Classic and love it ! This is the flask I’ve been waiting for ! @Pro_Vapes may like this one ! It’s a bit pricey considering the chipset but the construction is fantastic and if you like the flask form factor and need higher wattage this thing kicks ass ! Also custom tcr , titanium ,nickel, and stainless temp control you can’t go wrong . Certainly better the clone flask chip that a few of us got a while back


I’m in for a vt 133 dna200 v soon. Any thoughts?


Enjoy my Kayfun Mini ( the 14mm one ); great flavor and fun to get right.
So, going to order a MicroStick V2 from Fasttech ( 19.09 USD ).
Have a lot of 18500 and 18350 batteries and this can use both.

Also thinking real hard about finally getting a regulated box type for my
Russian 91 and Kayfuns.

Something up to 30 watts or so, nothin’ fancy, just something that will sit up
without falling over and give my tube mech’s a break.


Based on my experience with HCigar boxes in the past I’m sure it will be a great buy . I always like to wait on buying HCigar mods until they do a second production as they are a company that actually fixes problems with the first runs . That being said they have learned from past mistakes and probably do things right the first time now ! I’m not sure how the vt200 are holding up but I’m sure they are going strong .


My next purchase is a padlock for my wallet. One with no key.

I think I am back in flavor stocking mode for awhile. I still need to grab me a white Griffin.


I was thinking second run aswell. I’ve seen the reviews and inside the battery door isn’t even painted…hmm!
I want the dual batt dna so batt changes are quick, but don’t want to carry a 3 batt mod around.
My daughters want to buy it for me for my birthday in april or chances are i would of had it by now, might be a blessing, so I’ll have to wait.
Meanwhile I’ve an IPV5 on its way. :wink:


I’m looking at getting TC mod. with 2 batt. I have a I stick 60watt TC and it’s hard to adjust the power setting I just use it for wattage mode. other than that I like the Istick . anythoughts on the a good TC mod. or just wait 3-6 month to see whats newer then.


Get the eleaf istick 100w tc. It has an upgrade to 120w out already. Runs on dual or single 18650 batts. Great little workhorse.
This is the review i done on it when it first came out.


Still like the eleaf 100 watt TC, and how to you like the griffin.


Yes! Love it. Works really well and has never let me down at all. It’s the first eleaf istick I’ve owned and I’m glad i got it.
I use this mod as a workhorse. If i need to go anywhere, it’s the one i grab to take with me. It’s got the benifit of 2 locks, one for setting and the other for the fire button, so have no qualms about putting it into my pocket. Not many with that feature.
As for the griffin, not impressed with that one I’m afraid. Great build quality, massive deck, esay to build on, but after many different builds and settings, i just don’t get the flavour. I believe that the griffin is a cloud chasers rta, not that good for flavour.
For flavour, the best rta i have is the Boreas. This thing is the best I’ve came across. Pure flavour machine, and i would highly recommend that one over the griffin anyday.


Thanks pattie, with all the hipe with the griffing I thought its was going to be great, BUT, just don’t see it that way. I also thought it was my builds, / juice. Just can’t trust anybody that does reviews anymore. I’ll try the combo that you have talted about.


Same here… there are some that say the flavor is great. I wonder what they are comparing it to.


How are you finding the Billow v3 @Pro_Vapes? Great little flavour rta. Loving mine. :ok_hand:


I’ve enjoyed mine also.


Re: Griffin

For me the flavor really popped when I put in spaced coils. I honestly don’t have a ton of experience with RTAs so I don’t have a ton to compare it too but my Griffin tastes better than any pre-built coil I’ve ever used, by a lot. FWIW, to each his own.

As for my next purchase, probably a Cuboid or an IPV5. I want another dual 18650 so I can run my Serpent, my Griffin, AND my Velocity all at the same time.


Ipv5 all the way. :wink:[quote=“noshadowkick, post:275, topic:13414”]
uboid or an IPV5.


Does the Ipv5 support TC with SS 316? I see mention of SS 304 but no SS 316.

I have been looking at both the Cuboid and the Ipv5 and wondering why you would pick one over the other?


Quality. Ipv mods just work. No issues as a rule. They fire fused claptons in ti and the joyetec can’t. It hits harder in ti and ss, yes it’s 304, i use it. It’s nice and clean. It has a tcr mode and an ‘sx pure’ mode for the x2 tank. There good quality mods with the second best chip in them ,dna being the top.
I have 4 joyetec mods and 2 ipv mods and give me ipv every time over joyetec.
I haven’t tried 316 ss on the ipv’s i use the joyetec for that material.


Yep, that’s the rule around here… whatever makes you happy.


Took me a year and a half but I actually wore one out. It just started not working occasionally then more and more frequently. I am retired/disabled so I have a lot of time on my hands and I vape a lot. I had 4 mods at the same time but it was my go to ADV device. I still have it and display it proudly.
So I totally agree with you