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What's your next purchase?


I was thinking it would be a Movkin Disguiser, but after my Movkin luggy died after about 2 weeks of very seldom use I’m not so sure. I’m thinking now it will be a second XCube II


I bought vaping gear to quit smoking. Spent a lot of money on buying and trying different gears to find that sweet spot that would give me the sensation of smoking. NOTHING WORKED, vaping feels like just breathing air to me, so I started smoking again. Just reading this forum I learnt so many things, I found out my local vaping shop was ripping me off by selling me 200W mod and sub-ohm tanks(made me by 6 tanks before I realized this is a rip off), basically it was all clouds for me. And since i am in Australia, nicotine products are illegal here.

So now that I am a bit more educated, I have ordered my DIY supplies for making my nic e-juices, nautilus mini as this is the one I have been reading so much about recently. I believe they have a tight draw and good flavors.

But unfortunately, I need to wait 2 weeks since they are coming from the US. Hope this is the last 2 weeks of smoking for me. :slight_smile:


First off Welcome glad to have you here. Just hang in there you’ll find the right tank. It sound’s to me you would need a mouth to lung type of a hit. There are a lot of tank’s that do that. Also remember when you quit smoking you might want to go a little higher on your mg’s of nicotine. You can always go down from there. Good Luck :thumbsup:


One restock MF flavor and four new flavors.
I get excited about MF flavors as if they were a new mod or tank. If you have never tried them, you owe it to yourself to get at least one. IMO there are no truer concentrates on the market. I’ll be glad when @Walt_RealFlavors start their retail line of Raw Extracts.

Honeydew Melon Flavor - 15 mL
Mango Flavor - 15 mL
Strawberry Flavor - 15 mL
Orange Flavor - 15 mL
Cantaloupe Flavor 15 mL - NEW!:


Woot @Pro_Vapes said my name… now I have to reply! Wait crap… @Pro_Vapes wants me to do more work…


((Walks slowly back to the lab staring at @Pro_Vapes :expressionless: ))

LOL I promise soon ha, maybe even today :smiley:
(I think I am spending too much time around the 190 proof alcohol again…)


Well considering all the hype around the Boreas, I pulled the trigger on one from Eciggity, so hopefully that will arrive in a few days. But I also ordered the Wismec Theorem out of sheer curiosity, and these drip tips which I’m hoping will be nice. It looks like my style but we’ll see :slight_smile: These two items are coming from Fasttech so it’s probably going to be a bit before you hear anything else out of me about them.


It is a must to do so…even if used just for cleanup. :smile_cat:

Next, I think will be an Avocado 24…and a green Lamborghini.


Hmmm. I want to buy everything at this moment. I think I’m about ready to jump in both feet.

I think I have an rda picked out. And no I just need to figure out an rta. Grrrr. There is some much out there and new ones one the way. Too many choices.


I was thinking a Cuboid Mini 80w. But starting to hear the tank has flooding issues just like the cubis and that’s it’s not great on flavor. Don’t like the built in battery either. So I’m thinking a second Evic Mini VTC with a second COV Vengeance tank, as that has been my favorite set up overall. Kind of waiting to hear about the mysterious Aspire X release that is supposed to be happening on the 6th along with their U-Tech coils. Will be interesting to hear what it is, the reviews, or if it’s just more hype :confused:


Efusion duo! But which one :thinking: Leather, abalone,carbon fibre or burr walnut. Decisions decisions!!!


Does this count if I use it for my vaping room while on my way to work? :grinning:


wow…take my money


Damn that’s a sexy ride. My son happens to work at BMW in SC. He has shown me some amazing things they build with all sorts of fancy schmancy options such as lighting options, unreal little back seat office stuff and so on. You don’t need to vape to give the car a good aroma…some even have an option that pumps in smells and stuff. Too much!


I love the M5. Not sure I will ever own one less than 10 years old. But I have been looking at 328i’s and 535i’s. But I am not sure if we are getting a bonus yet. So I may be getting a Hyundai lol.




Nope, has to be a two-seater…or 2-door.
I have an Alpine V12 for trade or sale [8 series]
I may trade a case of authentic 18650’s for…


Wow. I don’t see you driving that. You seem like you’d drive a hot rod or a Harely lol. Beautiful car!

I have a 3 year old. So until the booster seat goes bye bye i kinda want a 4 door.


I don’t, very often…road trips to see family. Comfortable, no road stress. Replaced a '91 740iL
Daily car is a Yenko Camaro to run out and get some fresh cilantro, but usually a dually 6.7L mega-cab
for errands to get feed or water conditioner salt, or to carry the toys for the Grandkids I do have a softtail I like, but I prefer an old 750 Commando, a 350(305) Scrmbler, and Christmas before last, Santa brought me a new model Indian.


Very nice. Some day in another thread you will have to show us that Yenko. I have only seen one in person.


Couple of my oldest son’s cars [green pickup before the ‘pipe’ body]