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What's your next purchase?


You brewing?


Off and on.
Small bottle batches.
Mostly ESB’s and IPA’s.


The Refractometer is a great way to use a smaller sample of your wort to get a starting point.
( good for wine making too. )


I haven’t brewed since my wife was diagnosed as diabetic. I still have a couple carboys, and 4 or 5 5 gal kegs, and a co2 tank… Made a great American Pale Ale… and for her a Porter (which I dislike lol). Sure miss brewing.


Brewing and mixing…I’d get fired for calling in sick (hungover) too many times.


Ordered these today for my prep stash…


Wish we could pick up a vt133 in the uk for £60!


Although I did pay ~$46 for the black Boreas.


Talk about fast free shipping… how about 20 minutes.

My Email with a tracking #… Hope the USPS picks this up today.


Dark Chocolate and Vanilla MF are essential in my flavors stash. Caramel is my next project flavor…

Come on @Walt_RealFlavors… I’m tired of paying these prices for my extracts.


Holy moly :point_up:


At that price they must have your first born hostage. Hope you enjoy, Mister sir Vape-a-lot.


go to www.goodearthbeauty.com use coupon code geb10 for 10% off and free shipping to anywhere in the US. I pay like $19 a bottle with free shipping.

Custard Lover ( I think I will marry it )
Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

Thanks @juice_junkie_lover for the link. This site never came up when I searched before. I’ve bookmarked it for future purchases.


How is vt133 working out?


I put them up for now. I saving them for D-Day. I’ll probably set 'em just make sure they properly, but they are not for immediate use.


From BCV - Looking forward to trying some tobaccos!

Subtotal: $77.16
Coupon Code (Memorial10): -$7.73
Shipping: $0.00
Grand Total: $69.43
1 x Mild Black-TFA
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Dairy/Milk-TFA
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Tobacco Absolute Virginia WG-INW
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Tobacco Virginia-INW
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Black Fire-FA
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Perique Black-FA
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Torrone (Nougat)-FA
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Italian Cream-HS
(Size: 50ml Original Packaging)
1 x Dunhill-SC
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Reindeer Poop-FW
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Milk-FW
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Gold For Pipe-INW
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Joy - FA
(Size: 10ml)
1 x Bavarian Cream-LA
(Size: 4oz (120ml))
1 x Cheesecake-LA
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Boysenberry-FLV
(Size: 15ml Original Packaging)


Be very careful with perique and latakia. Those are sub-one percenters and good long steepers unless you like the flavor of rotten jalepenos…ymmv.

Hope you enjoy the tobaccos, looks like a good list. 7 leaves ultimate (FA) is one of my faves SnV where it’s very floral or steeped where it isnt. Ymmv, lol.


Thank you my friend! I plan on tapping into the knowledge ELR members have. I’m also going to be needing guidance with the Tobacco Absolute (huh @Kinnikinnick?) when it gets here. FYI - it’s been a few years now and I’m just starting to get interested in tobacco vapes. My two faves I’ve made are TBCC and Carolina Pipe. As much as I like them and having heard what I have about others, guessing I’m in for a treat. Really excited to try that Carolina Pipe with a better tobacco!


I’ll lend a hand where I can. :grinning:

I don’t have the SC Dunhill or INW Virginia, but I think the other tobaccos are in my stash; complete with notes on each.