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What's your next purchase?


You will definitely have a better vape using the INW Virginia’s… The FLV cured tobacco is usable; the Virginia…not so much.


Ive been runnin a cool fire 4 plus since it came out so im looking into getting a new box mod that takes 18650. I really like the looks of the hcigar vt 75 dna also seen today innokin just came out with a cool fire TC 18650…i dont think i need much more wattage beings i like vaping between 50-60 watts


Honestly. Two things. I think I got the rda bug since I already want another rda (thinking the tsunami 24) but I’m trying to wait.

But I am thinking about doing a stock pile of order of nic and flavoring with the pending regs from the fda. I really need/want my 1.5mg nic. It’s my tiny life line. I honestly see my self going back to cigs if I had to choose between blue ecigs vs an analogue cig.


I’d recommend you get your nic and maybe start weaning off .25mg at a time. It may be awhile before all this clears up (if it does).


I went into my local B&M with thoughts of picking up a Griffin 25. They were out, but they did have the top airflow upgrade for the Griffin 22! I picked up for under $10 w/ tax Works great! I didn’t think I could like my Griffin 22 more… total difference in flavor (Dual Ti .15 ohm on a Cuboid running “Smart” mode) Here’s an ELR vendor with lots of pix


What RDA’s do you have?


Just one. Lol. The uwell rafaella X. The one with the neutral post and love it.

I I have a araomizer supreme rta.


Nice. This is my favorite


Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/231910530927

Authentics run about $120! That’s just pure greed


I’m going back to old school http://www.provape.com/ProVari-Variable-Voltage-V2-5-New-Design-p/provarinew.htm Just ordered one with extension cap. My old 2.5 is 4 years old and still kicking. Also ordered a Kayfun 5


Please let us know how you like the Kayfun 5; is it in Pre-Order?


I will no pre-order I just got lucky and saw the e-mail from Origin Vape https://originvape.com/product/kayfun-v5-svoe-mesto/ I got on their e-mail alert list :sunglasses:


Well stock up on hardware 2 Opus DNA 200 2 spare boards 3 Bellow V3 and Borase spare 510 for the Opus to add to my stash for this month I have been saving since January


My next purchase is the smok tfv8. On its way. :wink:


Couldn’t resist anymore. :sunglasses:


I can’t see the payment method!



my next purchase was the reuleaux 75 full kit , that was yesterday


my next purchase will be the Uwell Crown II


wow this has to be a joke


wow @Amy2 thats impressive i have like 140 and thought that was a large amount