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What's your next purchase?


MF Caramel is im my Theorem constantly with a little FA Caramel. That’s one MF I restocked. Still loving MF Butterscotch too. Lives I’m a Black 3ml Aromamizer om a Balrog mod.


What the heck is VAT @20%. Is this tax?


Value added tax. Thats what it’s called. We pay that on everything over here.


Oh sorry. Hoping that stay over there. 20% would cause wars over here I think. And has in the past.
Thanks for your reply.

Now that I think about it we pay the same our politicians just better at hiding it.


It’s redicoulos the price we have to pay for things in the uk. But what can you do?
I’m not going without my vape gear. :yum:


Well i been stocking up bc the looming fda regs. So in the last week got 2 kbox platinum, 5 bellus clones, 30 spare glass, tube style rta, 4 510 connectors, 4 rolls clapton, 4 topbox replacement chips and 4 wite stone drip tips. Yet just found this the other day https://m.fasttech.com/p/5001100
I’ll pick up a couple of those some more 510’s and maybe another tube rta if i really dig it. I just keep telling myself it’s ok bc i’ll be set for 30 yrs. (Crosses fingers)


Nope, it’s real… Cream of the crop IMO.


I am currently at 661 flavors that is an old post hee hee and I have some more on the way :wink: I didn’t get my handle for nuthin’ probably should have hoarder behind Queen


I know there’s a Game of Thrones joke in there …last words "HODoR! Flavor Hodoor~!


I am living vicariously through you all so buy up! It will be months before I can purchase anything. I just hope there will be stuff to buy with all the FDA B.S.


you will always be able to buy the flavors , pg , vg , the nicotine is gonna be the only thing they could make a problem


Amy "Daenerys Targaryen"
Born of Fire and Blood
And strawberry, banana, caramel, cookies, chocolate, licorice, lemon, apple, gummy bears, blueberry, huckleberry, cream, oats, granola, about 600 other flavors and 5 types of dragon fruit.


Was thinking more along the lines of a VT133 or some other DNA box but the wife decided to have a mid-life crisis elsewhere and my household income has been reduced. Life goes on.


Another Vt133 and some batteries…


Finally giving the Avocado a shot…


I doubled down on the Eciggity 20% off sale and ordered another Vt133. I also ordered the Vapor Flask DNA 133…


I knew it wouldn’t take long. :wink::+1:[quote=“Pro_Vapes, post:376, topic:13414”]
I also ordered the Vapor Flask DNA 133…


I wanted to wait, but all I own are Hcigar. I wanted to switch up and buy something different. Hopefully it will be good and stable.


They look nice and with the dna chip, should be flawless. :ok_hand:


Just pulled the trigger. God I’m weak! :slight_smile: