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What's your next purchase?


[insert Vape Envy here]


I’m down a couple of Mods now, my RX200 died and now my H-Priv bricked today, so I went on ebay to try and find myself a used Mod to take to work to stop wrecking my new stuff, found a guy selling a bundle, I pretty much stole it, but I’ll wait till it arrives to check everything before I blow my own trumpet :worried:

If it all works out, it’s an absolute BARGAIN


I ordered these from Flavorah last night. I’m really hoping these highlighted in red are worth the extra moolah. All and all I’m excited to try these new flavors.


Simply, it’s gonna have to be another Provari.


I think you need to go to a meeting. I’ll just hold on to your mod for ya.


What exact mod is that…


I had to get my MF Fix for this month.

Btw use SF16 for 10% off your MF order.


It’s the Lost Vape Triade DNA200


Ya, I missed the shape somehow…it was late in the day…
I kept thinking it should have the wood panels on it like the Therion.
It was just easier to ask…at the time.


where do you order from thats a good price compared to ecx 10 bucks 5 ml


that alpine strawberry better be a great flavor


I ordered directly from the MF site…

Medicine Flower


You always crack me up. You are a great dude and appreciate seeing you help around here. I need it bad. Been very low lately. I started walking though - almost 2 miles a day the past 6 days, and I only missed one day when I had an appointment.

Maybe you or someone who sees this can help me. If not… thanks for reading this anyway,
I need to fix my Hcigar VT200. It says “Warranty Service” on the screen.
So, I tried buying a new battery for it. It’s got an internal battery. I emailed Hcigar today. I’ll see if they reply. I bought it from VapeNW in January of this year and I’ve got the receipt.

I wish I could find someone who lives within 30 miles that would like to share vape or trade stuff or share orders of flavors. Or trade something. juice or whatever for the tanks and vape equiptment that i’m not using. OR info on where to go to sell some of this stuff. Lots and lots of stuff! If someone is trying to get off stinkies, i’m willing to help. I’d love to teach Anyone how to mix, vape or make coils ect. I’ll keep trying to find someone locally. What’s the best way to find someone? Perhaps make a more public facebook page??? Thanks for any suggestions on any of these issues. I see that you are pretty much involved, so I directed my needs to you sweetheart.


Well how nice. Looks like there are several issues and mostly to do with your battery, so that should be a fix …but once installed you need to make some changes in ESCRIBE because the defaults are (were?) not correct for LiPO battery packs. This is an older thread ( a year ago) but has some info re: getting the “Warranty Service” error message and a tip from HCIGAR about getting longer life from your LiPO battery pack.

Upgrading your firmware is probably a good idea and simple (It’s in ESCRIBE too)

There’s a new thing called Nextdoor and it’s based on your local area. It’s like Facebook meets Craigslist and you can read through some stuff and see if it fits. It’s only people in your area …neighborhood even that are trying to buy/sell/give away stuff …lost dogs …everything. Check it out! You could start a vape thing, or there already might be something


If your chip is bad Evolv will replace it free of charge. You have to ship the mod to them on your dime though.

Evolv product Limited Warranty


and BTW @Joy we are all here for you all the time. In fact I give you credit for teaching me how to more casually test new flavors and build recipes …live right in my RDA. Maybe you could just start the equivalent of a neighborhood Book Club but about vaping just by sharing your story about quitting smoking on Nextdoor and how you can maybe help some local folks in a social way. Things like trading recipes and gear would just naturally follow. I’d be careful putting all that out front online as everybody can be vocal …just tell your story and contacts will follow. Think how cool it would be to have some people live testing flavors sitting around your place and starting a “thing” …sounds pretty cool. So thanks for all the stuff I learned from YOU!


I put in a ticket because my screen quit working and they said sorry not covered.


Cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged display (OLED)

If none of this applies to you they should cover it. Can you post your ticket?


Manufacturer/Model of Device (Mod Name): hcigar vt133

Hi I purchased this around july 3rd and everything has been great until yesterday. I noticed the display fading in and out then it just quit working. Is there a fix for this or something you can suggest. It shows connected in escribe and fires correctly.

Date: 2016-10-05 13:05:53
Name: Nick Coutris
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Hi Clayton,

This sounds like a screen failure, which we unfortunately do not warranty. Most of the time the issue here is a problem with placement of the screen ribbon cable unfortunately. If care is not taken to tuck it out of the way when the fire button is pressed it will contact the screen ribbon cable every time it is pressed causing failure over time and leading to issues like what you are seeing.

If a replacement is needed they are available for purchase here on our website however.

Nick Coutris
Evolv, Inc


It still looks like a defect. I would go over their head and take it up with the manufacturer because it is defective and you are unable to resolve it with the dealer.
Ask them again to fix it with more force.
Evolv warrants that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days (1 year for DNA products) commencing on the date of purchase.