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Where are you from?


Nice. I like that.


St Helens, equidistant between Manchester and Liverpool


Mt pleasant mi usa


Where all the Portland, Oregon people move to when they retire to avoid state income tax.
Vancouver, Washington


Not far from my old gaff. Too bad your rugby team are pants though lol :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :slight_smile:


Kingsville, Ontario


Born and raised in Brantford,Ontario,Canada…but now live in Tralee,Co.Kerry,Ireland for last 10 yrs.


You poor fucker. My condolences :grin:


London England


Yeah, gone to the dogs since they moved to Tesco carpark :grin:


Thessaloniki, Northern Greece!!!


Portland Oregon. The place where it now snows in the month of march.


Mobile Al
Love it here
Have been all around the country from coast to coast and Europe 4 times


Originally from London UK, now living in Karmiel Israel.


Pittsburgh, PA via Montgomery, Al. Been all over the globe being a US Army brat then my career in the USAF. Can’t wait to get back to Monkeytown though. Greedy ass ppl up here especially on juice, mods and everything now since Oct '16.


Roll tide come on home


You know it,lol. No damn War Eagles in this house,lmao. Can’t wait too btw, just gonna be a little while.


There hasn’t been this much snow in quite awhile. I had to put on the fur underwear Monday morning before leaving for work just on the other side of the bridge in Delta Park at 3:00AM.
Although it seemed like when I was a kid (growing up in Damascus, Oregon) we used to see much snowier winters.


Tell me about. PA sucks on taxes. Had 4 shops local close up.


I lived in PA for a year a long time ago. I absolutely loved the place.