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Where are you from?


I love the place for history and things to do, but for vapers it can kiss my ass.


Well that was 20 years ago, there was no vaping lol


Lol. Yeah things have changed.


From north dakota. Live in minnesota USA currently. Midwest gal woo!


Hello! I was and raised in New York City/USA but now I live in Winter Haven/USA


Glad to meet ya Skull btw. It does suck as quite a few have and are closing up around here in the Pittsburgh area sadly and I also just posted a new topic in Health and Advocacy about the new laws just passed today here and now gonna get a lot worse for us.


Florida, US


Somerset County, NJ


Belgium Town Brugge Now we moved to Live in Greece and live now in Crete .


I grew up part of my childhood in Mons, Belgium. I know exactly where your talking about. I so miss Belgium,lol.


We live here in Crete now together with our children and grandchildren :grinning::+1:
We don’t mis Belgium only friends and family .


Someone close to me at last!..Altrincham :wink:


I used to do business with a couple of companies in Atlantic Street


Northwestern Minnesota, residing in Northern Virginia near Washington DC.


Born in Cleveland. Now in cows and corn country. Nebraska. moo :cow2:


I worked on Atlantic street for Littlewoods before they closed for 10 year and my Mrs works on there now haha…small world, I live a 5 minute walk away in Broadheath :wink:


Rutland, Vermont / USA


Very small, in fact the extent of my Altrincham familiarity is the 2 companies and a butty shop :grinning:


which companies …just as a matter of interest…??


My company subbied for Styles & Wood and a company called Quelfire were one of my main suppliers