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Where do you buy your NIC from?


The bottle works well you can punch a small hole in the inner seal and put your pipette or syringe tip through it. I love the bottles they use.


i am intereted in the nic shield now , i wonder how much better it is


This is what the site says
My take, more longevity, longer storage and break down of nicotine is less noticable


I love the wealth of information on this site as well…


I don’t think the extra cost would be worth it if you’re not planning on storing it for an extended period of time. Once you start using the bottle, oxygen would get in which would defeat the purpose. At least that’s how I understand it…


thats a post from 2015 , if you went to post on here from 2015 you would see a lot of questions like this as well :wink: , i hope you dont think im coming off as an ass or something , it does seem lime im debating everything you post , it is not my intention at least not in a malicious way


Yes. Many recommend that one should divide the nicotine into 30ml & 15ml amber bottles, to prevent it from oxidation.


Right, but it’s not recommended to split down the nic shield nicotine. It’s argon packed, so if you opened the bottle to split it down then the argon would be replaced with oxygen.


so its the same quality nicotine , just packaged for long term storage ???


I love a good debate man! I have a curious problem of not looking at dates on threads.
It would be easier to just post a new thread yet I feel like of the topic is up already…why not resurrect it. Feel free to challenge anything I say. I am very hard to offend :kissing_heart:


i wasnt sure if you posted that thread to say yiu liked the info or you were posting because others on the thread were unsure of the company… i do rhe same regarding dates ill see a thread and ask a question or just a comment and notice its from years ago lol


A bit of both i guess. Mainly because i love sharing knowledge.


Yes, nic select, packaged with argon to displace the air in the bottle.


Oh I see. Thank you for the tip.


ya not worth the increased price imo


Was just told of a UK site selling 72mg nic, they must have found a loophole with the TPD/TRPD?


Lots of folks have tried that; here in Germany a few fell on their noses badly with “loopholes”… I wish them the best, but they better be careful…


There was a post a little while back about a company in the uk that was selling 72 mg nic and has a less than stellar delivery record. I will try to find it

It was Darrant Chemicals




Yup same time :grinning: