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Where do you buy your NIC from?


Lol :+1: 10char


@woftam @VapeyMama Does not look like the same people. @GPG have you ordered nic from them after the TPD started? they do not have nic on their site.

Come payday I will place an order to see what they are like, they use paypal so i should be covered.


I made my last order before TPD. I also ordered a small 1litre PG, there was a delay in receiving the nic and pg (1 week). They sent me 2.5litres of pg instead of 1L along with my order of nic as way of an apology, that impressed me.
I’ve since looked on their site and yes, the nicotine has disappeared. It does indeed look like I was misinformed by their staff which was correctly picked up by some knowledgeable members of ELR. I suspect trying to order nic from them now will draw a blank.


The company Carolina​ Xtraction Technologies correct?

If so, I’m very interested in their 120 ML sample of the Supercritical Nicotine. I watched @Jennifer_Jarvis and her Beginner Tips video the other day and she utilizes this nic and said "It is the best nicotine I have had so far".

Does anyone else have any opinions on this nicotine vs other brands in the pole? I see that only 5% of votes went to this nic. When voting, do most take into consideration the cost of the nicotine as well?

Video Link


That was the first nicotine order I made. I’m finally down to my last 15-30 ml of 100 mg/ml in 100%
PG(All of my juices are typically mixed at 3 mg/ml) and I finally emptied my pour-off, so I’m thinking of trying the Nic River nicotine I ordered BEFORE I use the last of my Carolina Extract. I’ve been really impressed with the CX nicotine-there’s been no off flavor and as far as I can tell the strength is correct. I really should get a nicotine tester kit so that I KNOW that I’m getting the correct strength…


I didn’t know there was such as thing as a nicotine tester. Good information. Thank you.

Nic River has a ton of votes on this poll and so far I haven’t heard or read any complaints regarding their brand. What to choose…what to choose…



Oh wow. Thank you for this link. :astonished:


It says product not found when I click on it.
Do you know if they sell these kits outside of the US? I can’t seem to find it in Europe but I could just be blind :sunglasses:
Do they sell them Down Under?
I’m just not gonna pay for the insane shipping fees that US vendors are charging. :roll_eyes:


@woftam Never used one of these, what do you do in a nutshell. Pre-determined amount of NIC, slowly add drops of (something) until it changes color ?


Spot on mate the instructions are on the link page - pretty easy to check your nic.


Hello all,
I am aware that quite a few mixers have purchased Delosi flavorings from NicotineLabs.com. Recently a veteran mixer told me to consider buying their Nicotine Liquid (high quality, smooth, and not peppery). Their nicotine is USP Grade, Kosher, and meets or exceeds US Pharmaceutical Standards.

I spoke with the owner today regarding their liquid nicotine. Sam was a pleasure to speak with. He provided me with very valuable information regarding the labs which produce pharmaceutical grade nicotine and which re-sellers use them (Alchem International - NicSelect, Equinox Cheimcals, etc), how they source & process their nicotine, as well as other useful information regarding Delosi flavorings, and the DIY community.

This company will be making big moves this year and will definitely be a source for many DIY’ers for flavors & nicotine liquid. I will be purchasing their nicotine and a few Delosi flavors to try. Their shipping rates are more than fair as well.

If anyone has used their nicotine and would like to share their experience, please feel free.


My first and only nic I’ve used since finding the thread here in ELR. Surprised it wasn’t in the poll. Tastes great and good customer service.


I get mine from NicVape
It is Lab Certified and what they ship you is traceable to the cert. Example:

Nicvape.com - anyone tried it?

For me, absolutely.
That’s why NicSelect is my #1 (from NicotineRiver).

If money were not a concern though, I’d be using nothing but CXTC.

Edit: BTW, the proper term for the nic test (in case you find yourself looking in the future) is nicotine titration kit. :wink:


Thank you very much @Sprkslfly. Yes, price is a big factor, not just for the product itself but the shipping costs as well. I will be getting the Carolina Xtraction & the NicotineLabs 250ml bottles next month. I would purchase NicSelect from @Nicotine_River, however they have not yet resolved the calculation rate issue in their systems for the shipping to New Jersey ( 250ml NicSelect is $30.39 in shipping).

Being credited back for shipping costs is not an option on my end. My husband does not approve. LOL. I contacted them on July 5th regarding this. Hopefully by the end of this month their developers would have fixed this issue and I’ll be able to purchase their NicSelect as well.

Also I am most definitely shopping around for a nicotine tī-ˈtrā-shən kit!

-Much respect


Just PM’d you with a solution to this high shipping cost, hope to hear from you soon & that it’ll help! :slight_smile:

Thank you


Thanks for the info on NicotineLabs.
I live closer to Florida than to Cali, so shipping cost is a player.
I will be ordering some nic to see how it goes.


You are very welcome @Spatchka. :blush:


Nicotine River also has a Titration kit.