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Where do you buy your NIC from?


Fellow vapors, I’m pretty dead set on my personal choice for clean (not the cheapest) NIC, and we’ve all read the “Where should I buy NIC from …” threads, but let’s do it POLL style. My apologies to our UK/EU members, as I don’t know all of the choices over there. Curious to see if we have any set out leaders in the pack. Vote on brothers and sisters…

  • Nude Nicotine
  • My Freedom Smokes
  • Liquid Barn
  • Wizard Labs
  • Heartland
  • RTSVapes
  • VaperTek
  • Nicotine River
  • Carolina Extract
  • Darkstar
  • Other

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Whats everyone using for Nicotine?

Got mine from a buddy who had a failed group order… That’s how I still can get 1l bottles in Germany.

I don’t need to buy Nic for the next 20 years though… XD


Hiliq is my favorite.


Liquid barn vg 100mg super clean and smooth @3mg feels like 0 lol sometimes I bump it a bit just so I know it’s there!


I get the 48mg vg based nicselect from liquid barn. No taste, lightly colored. Awesome product.
Im digging nic river though. They seem like a super credible company


and they supply LB with their Nic select


Do you use the USA or Nic select


Nic select bottled in LA lol


I didn’t notice that @fidalgo_vapes!
Is the shipping cheaper or the cap for free shipping lower?


free shipping anything over 50$ and the prices are cheaper , i think the difference in a liter is like 30 dollars id have to double check im referring to the 100mg strength but am sure the 48 is cheaper as well


This sounds like a job for researching!


it may be worth it ,i use to buy mine from LB as well , they are the company i first ordered anything from ( diy kit ) so for awhile i stuck with them if itvwas only a couple bucks it would be no big deal but the difference was enough for me


Same here, my first kit and liquids
LB nic select 100mg and NR nic shield100mg
1 liter both 89.99


I recently did an order from LB cuz they had a Memorial Day sale of 15./. Off and free shipping but if I can save money at Nic river I definitely would like to do that! Thx @fidalgo_vapes


I usually get my vg and pg from amazon I have free two day shipping so I get it quick! I also get my bottles and pipets at amazon as well! Shout out to Amazon! Just realized I replied to myself lol oh well.


I’ve made two nic orders from Liquid Barn and one from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers when they had their 120ml for $10. I haven’t tried the LNW yet though. My next nic order will probably be from NR, since it’s the same stuff as LB and I’ll likely be re-upping some flavors in the upcoming months which would put me over the $50 free shipping threshold.


Nicotine River. nic select 100mg ml 1 liter $59.99 the nic shield is a higher quality but apples to apples look at the nic select nit nic shield and it will be a 30 dollar savings


My first order was with Carolina Extracts-Great nicotine, but the price was a little steep. I just got an order from Nic River and picked up a “sample” 60 ml of their 100 mg/ml PG. I haven’t tried it yet, but the fact that it came in a pill bottle rather than a regular bottle with a dropper isn’t the greatest sign in the world…


My very first order was from nude, 100mg/ml. Looked good, titrated correctly, no off smell, but was harsh as all get out and ruined a couple of big batches (my fault for not tasting it first alone and no, it wasn’t the cheap throat hit stuff), switched to Carolina Extracts and never looked back. I know that it’s pricey, but the quality is worth the extra $$$ to me. The nic river stuff just as good? Seeing a lot of votes for it.


I wasnt aware the regular liquid nicotine they sold on nic river was nic select as well…
I see that it is now…and you are right…! Thanks!