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Where do you buy your NIC from?


@Leilani @Nicotine_River It’s starting to look like Nicotine River is becoming the “Amazon” of DIY here, and I love Amazon !!! When NR starts offering internet, that’s it, I’m buying stock !!!


HAHAHA. You stoopid. LOL. Indeed @SessionDrummer. Indeed. :joy:



Luv you man!


Carolina Extracts COVG is excellent, top shelf nicotine. If don’t open the bottle, it will store in the freezer for many years without oxidizing - there is no oxygen exposed to the nicotine up to the point where the bottle reaches your hands. Their shipping is fast, but not cheap. Though it gets a little easier to accept when buying a few 120ml bottles, which come out cheaper than a similar volumed large bottle.

Here is a coupon code for 7% off: Dada1 (oddly that code is case sensitive)


Nice to know that AB Dada’s code still works. He’s a bit of a pompous know-it-all, but he shook down Carolina Extracts for a discount code so he’s not all bad in my book