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Where to buy the best nicotine base?


Not really sure where to buy the best nicotine for DIY. I’ve read many reviews and browsed many forums and cant seem to make my mind up. I’m just looking for the safest, cleanest, tasteless, etc. Preferably from a reputable supplier in the USA. Wanted to reach out to all of you awesome individuals on your recommendations. Thanks for your help…


This is the only Nic I buy

100% VG / 100mg


I buy NicSelect too, my last purchase was from nicotine river because they had the best price at the time.


Is their (NicSelect) nicotine a yellowish type Color?


I’ve been stuck on Nude Nicotine for a while now, and it’s clear, almost odorless, and keeps very well with little to no change in the freezer.



No, absolutely clear.


I use only NicSelect also. Just checked freezer yesterday, I have A LOT of 100mg from Nicotine River purchased 3/4/16. Completely clear & oderless. I have both 100% PG & 100% VG.


I heard LB gets it for NR


very slight


Welp…thank you all for the problem solving. I just ordered from NicRiv. Overall cost was 44.83 (w/shipping) for 500ml, 100mg vg base.
You have made my decision making much easier :slight_smile:


I also have purchased the last couple liters I’ve gotten from Nic River, I had plenty last time I had purchased some, but they had a sale so I had picked up an additional liter. I (personally) buy 100mg/ml (by the liter) then transfer that into 120ml bottles that I place into a deep freezer, when I get low on a 120ml bottle I just take out the next bottle from the deep freezer a few days prior to needing to use it.


Probably not considering how cheap NR is compared to LB


@Nicotine_River does this even make sense





Always works for me! :grinning:


Nicotine River for price & quality


I only buy mine from Nicotine River.


This is actually the other way around my friend.

You guys all have a great day!


Honestly, not trying to knock liquidbarn or nicriver or any other, but the best, far and away, is Carolina Extracts. You’ll pay for it for sure, but its not crazy. http://www.carolinaxtract.com/shop-cffd


I’ve heard about them before. Supposed to be top notch stuff.


There definitely is a significant difference in cost.
More than I feel is warranted, IMO
Carolina Extract 100mg nic. 1ltr. $155
Nicotine River 100mg nic. 1ltr. $59