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Where to buy the best nicotine base?


I guess I understood the question to be “best” rather than “best value” or “cheapest”. Cheapest I’ve encountered is heartland vapes, like $45 / liter for 100mg. In the end the total cost in your mixed eliquid is effectively a wash. Figure you are making 3mg/ml juice, so .9ml per 30ml. That works out to like 14 cents in a 30ml bottle from Carolina Extracts, vs 5 cents from NicRiver or 4 cents from Heartland. I guess I don’t see a dime making that much a difference, when all told the stuff in the bottle is worth less than the bottle itself in most cases, especially when you compare that to $20 retail juice.


unless we have all used everyone there is no way to tell anyone whos is best , from what i have used Nicselect has been imo the best all around Nicotine from Nicotine River and im considering value as well as quality


I’m using vapers tek nic to sub ohm 10mg mic, It’s pretty smooth…I might try Nude nic’s smooth salt someday.

It is very unpleasant with this high of nic and plain (for lack of better word) Nic.
Anyone else out there like to sub ohm high nic? thoughts about brands at higher nic levels?


You might want to check out Carolina Extract…The absolutely cleanest Nicotine I have vaped…It stores well in the freezer and makes a huge difference for me…The best way to describe it is like this: It’s like the difference between drinking tap water vs drinking natural spring water…and that difference translates into cleaner/more natural fruit vapes, by far, for me…It is a bit more expensive, but the company is extremely professional in their service and packaging…I even find it a step above Vapers Tech, which is considered one of the best…:slight_smile:


Does nicotine river usually get the order out quick and do they send you a tracking #?


Yes! Nic Riv delivers very quickly and do provide tracking numbers. I highly recommend them


Ya I only hear good things about them. I purchased nic from MFS and it irritates my mouth so I placed a order with NR late last night but I haven’t received a notification yet about being shipped.


It’ll be there. Maybe by the end of the day or maybe tomorrow, but have no fear. You will get your shipping notice. I don’t know where you are, but they are in California so they are a couple hours behind, well, behind me at least.


Wow I forgot about the time diffrence there 3hrs behind me lol im in New York…was jw if I was going to be able to track my package…also does anyone know if they carry red touch strawberry? I couldn’t find it their search found 1 result it was strawberry but didn’t say red touch so I didn’t purchase it


Red Touch Strawberry is a FlavorArt flavor. I don’t think Nic Riv carries the specific “Red Touch” strawberry flavor.


To each their own, I like MFS, crystal clear, odorless, with a tad bit of TH which I prefer, and can be had during sales (thanks to a tip by Str8 from ECF) at exceptional pricing, last order 4L for $128 shipped.


Definitely right to each his own…I don’t prefer but don’t mind a TH at all. What I got is not a TH though idk what’s wrong but it burned my mouth and gave me a soar on my tongue. MFS just told me nicotine doesnt do that and to try it again. So think I’m done with them plus they sent me a bottle of flavor that was leaking as well. I dont really care about that though i didnt even mention it to them. I didnt have a discount from either place but for two dollars more then what MFS charged me I got twice as much of nicselect from NR so they will definitly be my #1 spot for nic. Does any one have a clue on why this batch from MFS would burn my mouth and tongue to the point it gave me a soar or how I could fix it?


You can buy one of these and test your nic to see if it holds more than it should


I was thinking of getting one but I diluted it a lot and it still irritated me so figured it wouldn’t help if it was to high but guess I probably should though my next order I’ll pick one up ty


I’m just starting out making my own juice. I have NicSelect 48mg Vg base nicotine and I find that it has a harsh peppery taste. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? I miss 70/30 vg/pg @ 3mg nic level.


@UPSguy First things first. Did you break down your big purchased bottle into smaller bottles ? Did you store your NIC in the freezer ? These first two questions are important. If you break down a big bottle into little bottles, and only open/close one for mixing, you’re not oxidizing your other bottles. Also freezing the NIC is the best way to store it. Even if you use VG NIC, you can let it warm up before mixing, then right back to the freezer.

I’m using both Nude Nicotine and Nicotine River NicSelect. Although I believe the Nude Nic to be just a bit cleaner/clearer my Nic Select is keeping pretty good. Not sure where you bought yours from, and if you don’t mind waiting a bit, Nude Nicotine has a superior product. Regardless of where you buy, how you store it WILL make a difference.


I got a DIY kit from Liquid Barn. No I have not broken down the 125ml bottle into separate bottles (never even crossed my mind). I do though keep it in the freezer.


wow id call liquid barn and havr them replace your nicotine , i have had peppery nicotine but never from nicselect


Have to second what fidalgo says.


OK, well THAT ^^^^ is the big thing. Breaking it down isn’t a deal breaker, but what happens is, you will expose your total NIC supply to air/light every time you mix. If you do break it down, only one small bottle is exposed, and the others stay dark and frozen. :slight_smile:

Not sure how long you’ve had that bottle but if it’s peppery, I wouldn’t use it anymore.