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Where to buy the best nicotine base?


I just emailed them. Waiting for a reply. Thank you for your help. I also ordered a free sample bottle of 100mg vg base from Nude Nicotine. Can’t hurt, it’s FREE!


@UPSguy I had been using nothing but NN for quite a while. Had a pretty healthy delay on getting an order, and started looking around. The one thing I could not complain about was the quality of their NIC. I still have 1.5L of their Armor 2.0 in the freezer under Argon gas, and it’s like the day I bought it, so quality isn’t their issue. Not sure if they get backed up with orders or not, but let us know what you think of the NIC.


I also purchased 1 liter 100mg 50pg 50vg from MFS , the 1 liter bottle is plastic with black electrical tape around the cap, the color is light yellowish, I mixed about 1200 ml of juice, the MFS nic is very poor, changes the flavor, will not be buying nic from MFS no more.
Today I purchased a 500 ml. Nicotine 100% organic VG, from Carolina Extracts, it should be in the mail next week, from my research the quality will be worth the price, I will be able to taste the flavors, multiple flavors, distinguish each flavor, so I can tweak the next batch and not worry about the nicotine muting the mix. Money well spent if Carolina Extracts does what it advertised to do.


@Mix_and_Hope You will soon be in a power position to compare/contrast the two.


@SessionDrummer I sure hope so, But to be fair, and don’t know if this makes any difference or not, the MFS nic was stored unused in same plastic bottle in refrigerator not freezer but kept at 35 degrees ever since I purchased it. Which was purchased back in 2015. Same color when I bought it. When I was mixing juice I would take out of fridge and use what I wanted and put back in fridge when not using it. The cap was only off during the short time of dispensing the amount I needed. So there was no color change or oxidation going on there.
On a side note I got email from Carolina Xtracts, said i will be receiving nic this saturday 1/6/18. But we have 7" of snow on the ground and eastern North Carolina is sub par in keeping roads cleared!!


@Mix_and_Hope I’ve heard great things about Carolina but never used them. Had been ONLY using Nude Nicotine for years, and the best product I’ve ever had, hands down, but they were having some “processing” issues and had some very slow turn around times on shipments (could be resolved now, don’t know), and ran over and tried some @Nicotine_River NicSelect and was pretty happy. Probably a very close 2nd to Nude Nic IMO.