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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


I’m about the same. It’s the only social media that I found works.


I’m with ya’ll. Though I do like instagram also. Post a picture, people like it or they don’t. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want.


I know I’m late here and I’ve already said it elsewhere, but the Crown 3 with 0.5 coils is what I use on my WR (in the middle). I’ve used the OG Crown as well.


Very nice. Tardis for the win!!!


Haha yep. I love it so much! :smiley: Best present I ever bought myself.

That’s pretty much my current setup except the VT was replaced by the Vaptio N1, I use the Vaptio CII a lot, and I have another mini with a Boreas on it for when I feel like building (which doesn’t happen often lol).


Custom, customer service !!! Try getting this elsewhere.


Absolutely true! @Whiterose0818 walked me through the charger set up and the mod as well. Super nice guy and helpful. Loving the mod and the “NEW” taste of my juice. Should be even better with the new tanks coming.

Here’s a pic of the new mod


I’m really liking that color scheme.


Did you see the cotton candy one?


Dammit, I don’t have enough cash to get all these mods now !!!


Love this one, very pretty. I want to lick it :rofl:


Oh there’s always something to lick!


I got my prize! And boy it’s pretty! I was a bit surprised of the size (it’s big, even for my big hands) - The detailing and quality is TOP NOTCH!

Now I just gotta figure it out :smiley:

The whole package:

The mod:

The details:

THANK YOU WHITEROSE! :slight_smile:


And now you will be hooked.
I am not in the least bit hooked.

Well maybe I have a problem. Lol.


you are most welcome, Lars!!!


I like the modfather but dripping with a 2 year old isn’t fun. Broke down and bought the steam crave plus, and although I’ve never been a fan of rta’s…this thing was easy as pie and the whole house is cloudy! Really enjoying this mod so far.


Mmmmmm!!! Steam Crave!!!


Steam crave FTW!


Huge Steam Crave Aromamizer Fan :raised_hand:


yep yep me too