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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


you are most welcome, Lars!!!


I like the modfather but dripping with a 2 year old isn’t fun. Broke down and bought the steam crave plus, and although I’ve never been a fan of rta’s…this thing was easy as pie and the whole house is cloudy! Really enjoying this mod so far.


Mmmmmm!!! Steam Crave!!!


Steam crave FTW!


Huge Steam Crave Aromamizer Fan :raised_hand:


yep yep me too


Man that Steam Crave sure looks good on that @Whiterose0818.


bastard snagged the where’s waldo one :cry: Love it man, enjoy!


And now we have one less member, lol!


I’ll second TinMan on the TV-12 Prince. It’s my go to tank when I don’t have time for a rebuildable. Great juice capacity with a low profile and the .4 ohm coil delivers really good flavor. I also use the .17 coil but I keep the pot dialed down and resist chain vaping it to keep the batteries cool.


Im totally jealous love that green and black!!

I just ordered both those tanks but did the modfather RTA


OMG i didnt notice @daath had wheres waldo. I love love love it!!!


As if we need more of a reason for peps to stare at a WR mod


That detail is super cool. From far away I thought it was just a gray swirl, marble like pattern. But up close, with a sports kinda theme. All those ppl! It’s awesome!


anyone interested in a raffle?
i have a coupla ideas:
we could do a quick raffle, one winner…or, i was thinking we could do a larger raffle with multiple winners.
Whatcha guys think?
@Lolly ?
TinMan? not sure which handle youre using this week, lol


I would be down for either.


Are you saying that @Lolly and @TheTinMan1 are the same person?


I’m happy to be your assistant :grin::tada:


Not the last time I checked petal :rofl::+1:


Silly question @Whiterose0818 , who wouldn’t want the most awesomnessest bestest mod ever