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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


4 more Modfather RDAs going out!!


Got it two days ago. Thanks brother, this thing is impressive! Sits beautifully atop the Maxo Zenith, damn shame the zenith stopped working the day before the Modfather arrived.


well built device right there. that look really cool, and i bet it would feel real nice in the hand…
well done Rob, did yu build that one


No I did not build it. I was looking for one just like it after I seen that pic


So here is my latest baby.


Excellent work again. N1 box with a 3S 3000mAh lipo.

Thank you very much Mr. Rose!


The middle picture :heart_eyes:. Awesome!


effing killer! Love the design brother. :punch:


Thanks brother. Self portrait…pot belly and full of hot air. :joy:

The actual artist is credited on the mod, I thought that was a nice touch.

Thank you! :hugs:


I have your IG and WhiteRose bookmarked on my phone and get to see all the great pics and vids. I don’t have my own account so I am not able to give likes on there for you guys.


Uhhh… get on that, bro. :wink:


This forum is my only social media :wink:
PS. I have yours bookmarked as well lol


Fair enough. :+1:

And… Aww shucks.
I should post more there…lmao


Cough, cough, cough…


Which is your IG? lol


Skullblade789. Lol.


Hey Fam…
I need some advice from some of you that use my mods and use sub ohm tanks.
What is a good tank that uses stock coils with resistance above 0.3 ohms? Rebuildables are not an option.
Let’s hear some ideas guys…please and thank you!
Much love, Fam!


The Uwell Crown v1 or v3 with .5 ohm stock coils.


For a higher capacity tank, the Smok V12 Prince holds 8mls and has a Q4 Quadruple coil head @.4 ohms.


I like the Smok TFV8 with Clapton 0.15 coils
Idk is that sub ohm?