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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Hey! I say that ALL the time. LOL


I can’t seem to take a pic that does this beauty justice.


Show off, lol.


Is that my Blackberry Honey Lemon Bourbon in the background? BBHLB.


Besides the wattage, the astounding difference is the 200 has 1 amp charging and the 250 has 2 amp charging.


Prteey mich everything in the background is your mixes except the ,V3 bottle.

Jeez I’m drunk


And probably dancing with that new Mod!:laughing:


At the Snakehole? Holy moley! :laughing:


And we have a winner!
I didn’t think that would go unnoticed!:laughing:


Now that’s talent!


Send it my way…I’ll get an awesome picture for you :smiling_imp:


He could do that and he would see some nice pics of that mod, but he would only see pics of it from that point right. There would be no returning it i imagine :laughing:


Oh noooo. I would never :innocent:


Oh I don’t know. It doesn’t look that special to me. I would try to swallow down on that pukey feeling and take it off his hands. Least I could do for an ELR brother!


This is why I love this place…Always willing to help a brother/sister out even when it means a sacrifice on your part. :grinning:


Love the red one, how much?


If I still have it, $85…lemme know if you’re interested



Need to click on the second pic to see it all


This is the one I got for my son for Christmas

He loves this mod so much he only uses it for special occasions.