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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Very sweet mod.


Yep, he does great work. The wolf pic I sent him was low resolution I am amazed it turned out this nice.


Hmm. @Whiterose0818 has been quite for awhile.


OMG !!! That is a thing of beauty right there!
Is that a DNA or PWM?


JEEZ all these gorgeous mods coming from
THE Whiterose


Looks beautiful!


That’s bad ass! Who knew flowers could be so manly? NICE! :slight_smile:


LOVE IT!!! :thumbsup:


PWM. I can’t say enough how incrdeble the vape is from them. Or how awesome WhiteRose and his skills and customer service is.


What he said :point_up:


Awesome getting a laser man! I use Corel draw everyday for sign making and it has some badass features if you learn them. Corel X7 is the version i have now and it’s super good. I love your boxes man and can’t wait to seen what you make next. If you need any help or questions with artwork hit me up brother and I’ll do whatever I can. Maybe if I ever find the time to try my hand at mod making I’ll quiz you as well!


Damn I didnt realize that the post I was looking at was so old…you’ve probably mastered that engraver by now lol


Anytime you wanna start building mods, lemme know and I’ll point you in the right direction! I’ll help all I can plus I can turn you on to a couple groups on Facebook that are excellent for info!
As for the engraver…It’s at my shop as there isn’t room for it in my house, so I still haven’t had the time to master it. When I move, hopefully I’m April, it’s getting moves to the new house and I’ll be able to put some time in it and get it figured out.
Are you any good with the laser?


Well even though theres a laser at the shop I work, I have not used it lol. But I do the complicated artwork for the person that does use it. One thing I do know is the power settings are different for different types of material. Aluminum would need more power than brass, brass needs more than plastic, etc. I can tell you have a pretty powerful laser just by seeing the bucket of cooling water you had set up. The laser we use is small and does not require water cooling and it has a pretty strong beam. You definitely want to test your settings on something thats similar to what your trying to engrave. You can also take flat pieces of wood and burn photos into them and it looks really cool! You can do so many neat things with a laser, they’re amazing. From the pics I’ve seen of the stuff you’ve already engraved you’re on the right track!


My co-worker and friend finally broke down and got one. I told him he was not allowed to use mine anymore and he said well I will get my own damn custom mod.

He absolutely loves it. Thanks WhiteRose! Excellent job as always.


So jealous right now. Oh so jealous.


That is the one I’d want exactly. Well with my name on it instead of M L Pruitt. Simple, with just a name or initials on it. To me, that is one handsome mod


It is an excellent mod. I had given him an evic vtc dual and haven’t seen it in his hands since the WhiteRose mod came in. But I can’t blame him, there is no comparison between the two.


I clearly remember having a phone convo with you several weeks ago and I’m pretty sure I told you to buy that exact mod.

BTW, it hits like a fuking boss.


Asshole, straight up ass hole.