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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


But you must admit I’m very lovable.


Not now. I thought that before, but retract every thought of it now. This is two instances of being an ass hat. Wanna go for the third?


I thought it was the way we showed our bond. And I can’t ever remember being an ass hat to you before. I did remember telling you to get that mod.


If you don’t know I won’t tell you. Lol.


Oh…yeah…it’s starting to come back to me now. You must admit that was funny though. Well, I thought it was pretty funny.


Lol. Yeah you got it now. LMAO.


Where would we be able to look at Whiterose mods for sale my wifes been thinking of buying me one


PM him and ask for pictures :+1:


After a bit of layoff due to some surgery WhiteRose is building like a mad man. Talked to him last night and he just got 13 new enclosures in. Shoot him a PM and he will send you some pics as Woftom said.

Came to work today with 3 mods. Two PWM customs from WhiteRose and a squonker. Love these mods.


Ever time I type in Woftom it autocorrects to Soft on. Think my phone is trying to tell me something?


Oh i hope mine is in there i will have the total opposite of my auto corrected name :laughing:


this box of enclosures is my anodized aluminum enclosure order. Yours is a stabilized enclosure. That order willl take some time for me to receive. My guy stabilizes the wood, casts it, then mills it. That is a bit of a time consuming process, considering every stab wood peice is a custom order. So simmer down, Hard On…:slight_smile:


Lmao no stress @Whiterose0818. It feels wrong he has to sand the wood before I get the chance to.:laughing:


you can always play with your wood, til the other one arrives…:sunglasses:


OK, That’s It! I’m joining the
"WhiteRose Custom Mod" club!


And it was then that all his dreams came true.

Brother, you are going to love the mod.


I have no doubt I will
Thanks Bro


Excellent my WhiteRose custom mod is now in the works! YAAAY ME!

I was kind of amazed at ALL the choices that I needed to make. Wire colors? Who thinks about the color of the wires inside their mod? :laughing:


WhiteRose does, lol. Isn’t he great to work with?


Yep he is great to work with. I caught him at a inconvenient time (he was busy trying to churn out a couple mods) and he was STILL great to work with. He started giving me my choice of options that had never crossed my mind. e.g. My choice of wire color for the wire INSIDE the mod :laughing:
I finally told him “Dude, I don’t give a shit what color wires you use! You pick one, I’m sure it will be fine”. LOL