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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


I pretty much tell him to go with his judgement because I trust him totally. He makes good stuff.


NOW I have to get a new atty to pair up with it. Vape budget … What vape budget?


I’m still squirreling money away for my next Whiterose lipo, excited isn’t the word :grin:


It’s April 1st where I am - Happy birthday, Backwoods, I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! :birthday: :gift: :tada:


I need to save a bit on the side for one as well. I need brakes…brakes/mod/brakes/mod…I could just drive really slow…right?


Other people have brakes. Let them use theirs.


Yeah, not like they’re gonna let me use their Whiterose Custom Mod…


I like the way you think brother.


I have an Instagram that I try to keep populated:
Know this: every mod is custom made to your liking.
I do PWM and DNA. Dual 18650 or 20700 and lipo mods.
Questions? Hit me


I built this a few days ago…Smart PWM with 1300mAh 3s lipo:



I checked out your Instagram page. Very impressive! There were a couple mods that you had pictured there that looked eerily familiar.


Love it haha. 'course I wouldn’t have the balls to “whip it out” - so to speak.


When someone ask me who the fuck I think I am.

King Ding-a-ling!!!

That is funny as hell.


No words or pictures can do true justice for the seamless work @Whiterose0818 has done on my 3 mods you will see below. However, I have to at least try. From the inception of the art concepts, suggested power supplies, button choices to final products…Mr. WhiteRose has been nothing but a true gentleman, professional, artist and friend.

I want to let the pictures speak for me…well that’s impossible…look at the super…super flush 510 connections…the seamless cutaways…the ridiculously crisp soldering…the compact and neat placement of the boards and wiring. As perfect as any Meshuggah track…sorry, had to throw in my favorite band as reference to the work.(my OCD is beyond happy) …I wish you could hear how clicky the fire and up/down buttons are! Morse code for days! And the magnets…dear Lord…the magnets…I am certain I could lift my truck off the ground with them. I also found “Sinner” marked on my LiPos…giggity!

The artwork for all 3 have special meaning for me…the stunning red LiPo NLPWM is my patron Saint Michael…the murdered out :wink: black LiPo Smart PWM is obviously…well you know lol…I chose that specific image of the Anonymous/Vendetta mask because it had the roses and I wanted to pay tribute to Mr. White Rose and his work. Finally the blue dual 18650 NLPWM…I wish I could show the artwork on the plate but it is extremely personal to me and I am not able to show it off on the interwebs. Take my word for it, it is just as perfect as the the other two.

P.S. I purchased the light/display box weeks ago in advance for these mods knowing WhiteRoses’ work would be impeccable and deserving of proper placement and lighting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S.S…I have not even hit these mods yet to see and feel the performance.I am just speaking of the visuals and craftsmanship!

so excited earlier today!..best vape mail ever!


Seen those on instagram under @Whiterose0818 and those are some impeccable looking mods. I thought it was either you or Vapeymama that was getting that. Awesome mods my friend. I am currently waiting on my two mods. They will be in my possession hopefully soon. Looks amazing.


Thank you :punch: I’m excited for you lol can’t wait to see them!


Oh and if you are in the market for one, @Whiterose0818 will treat you like you have not been treated for in a long time. His passion and attention to every detail is impeccable just like his mods. He takes the time to get every detail down to the wiring. You cannot go wrong.


Damn skippy!


Spot on review of how nice it is to work with someone that you know will give you his best.

Stunning looking mods. Beautiful! Enjoy sir!


No wonder it’s taking him so long to get to mine! All you guys are hogging WhiteRose’ time !!! :laughing: