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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Excellent looking mods btw


Waiting on your enclosure to arrive and then I’ll knock yours out, sir


@Whiterose0818 I know you’re waiting for the enclosure, and I know you’ll knock it out as quickly as you are able.
I’m just having a little fun with everyone.
Wasn’t meant to be at your expense :grinning:


Beautiful work man. My friend would go nuts over that 2nd one. He has that mask. Working on getting my own WR custom as we speak. I have a logo in mind…



S’all good, my brother. No harm taken!



I know the design is simple, but it’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much Rob for the wonderful work and might I say, this is a great vaper! And that green display looks the business on the green mod. Wow!


Killer look! Enjoy it! Great job once again @Whiterose0818 :punch:


Outstanding! That Goon kicks the flavor on that mod, does it not?


Yes it does. But so does the Noisy Cricket II, and I’ve already said it never leaves that mod. So…what to do?

Matchy matchy drip tip too!

Jealous yet? :slight_smile:


that look great almost reminds me of the fighting irish the green and gold are awesome


Very jealous. Nice looking set up.


So I am patiently waiting on my first of 3 mods from Whiterose. I think patiently is maybe the wrong word here. If anyone has read @Pugs1970 review of his mods, I am that kid pressed against the window. I am pushing dogs away to get the the mail lady. I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT!!!


You’re going to love them. I just received my first Whiterose custom last night. I can’t seem to put it down. I’ve gone through three sets of batteries and not touched another mod since. Great quality feel to the mods, and they vape great too!!


You Sir need to stop. You are not helping my situation. Lol.


I’ll post pics later if that would help? :grinning:


Sorry @Pugs1970. This fit the bill.


Lol. You and me both brother.


@Whiterose0818 you sir are a godsend.

This an amazing device. Puts all my others to shame. I have more words, but I will get them out later.


Congrats! :boom:


I have a write up coming soon. I will make a separate post in the pub. It will be lengthy, but well informative. That device is absolutely amazing. Some of the best flavor I have gotten out of my devices on any mod. I am so glad I did this.