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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Got mine a week ago and am loving it! Here’s pics since I didn’t post them before. It’s super simple and tiny, but it definitely packs a punch!! Even has a 30mm deck. Excellent work again, @Whiterose0818!!

I call it my “Jerry Rig”


Well I am so proud of this one. It is a rebuild if a DNA 200 I sent him. He knocked out of the park. This one is very sentimental to me.


That thing is gorgeous! I’m totally jealous right now.


I absolutely love it. It is a special one for me. 20 years of being in the Navy coming to an end. I love it.


Yes, I know most of you have already seen this. Well, tough shit, look at it again :laughing:
The Morning Star has risen and its MINE
Thank You WhiteRose


Well??? How’s she vape???


TREMENDOUS !! Absolutely stunningly good vape!


I don’t think he likes it.


You’re right, I don’t like it.
Put it this way, first thing Monday morning, I’m going to apply for a marriage license.
EDIT: Ok that may have been a bit much, but, so far,
EDIT # 2: That is … after I got the voltage zeroed in. The first couple hits I thought were gonna suffocate me.


Instagram: whiterose0818 I know this is a long time but I just got back here to read more of it. @Backwoods_Alchemist he has a lot of pics there on instagram


that’s impossible you can’t not like a Whiterose mod.


Yeah they can punch your lights out if they’re cranked up


LOUISVILLE, KY 40291, Acceptance, Your item was accepted at 10:21 am on April 24, 2017

Not sure when is a good time to start camping at the mail box I am thinking tomorrow but if i do that I think it will be a little while.


Take beer, chips and a radio…you’ll be OK :smiley:


Haha…I did the same thing. I HAD to know how far this one was going!


I live in St.Louis, which is 260 miles away from Louisville. It took mine TWO DAYS to make it to my mailbox (an eternity). Yours is traveling 9,362 miles, and somehow I doubt it was shipped Priority-2 day post. So … how long will it be until you retire? :laughing:
But on a positive note, you’ll probably get it quicker than I got my last Gearbest order.


Just a follow up report on my WhiteRose PWM mod.
I’ve tried it with 3 different attys so far:
Ammit single coil rta
Smok TFV8 with Q4 quad 4 head
Aspire Atlantis 2
Whereas I think I prefer the TFV8 simply because of the quad coil ( Ammit is only single coil).
I am enjoying ALL the attys 80% more than I did before. They all have only one thing in common.
WhiteRose PWM mod . I got this thing Saturday and I haven’t put it down more than 10 minutes.
A WhiteRose mod makes everything better!


I still don’t think you like it very much.:laughing:


2017-04-26 00:38 CHICAGO, IL 60666, Arrived at USPS Facility

9,593 miles to go. Oh come on usps you can go faster.


but u are using it, post damn it, hehe