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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


got it now will be posting more soon


Now man. Now. That thing is a beaut. My third should be arriving soon as well. The that is coming fits my lifestyle exactly.


Third one? Hmmm, you can’t possibly use all of them at once. Maybe you could me one that you aren’t using. Thanks!


If you are thinking of taking the plunge and have yet do it if you have and are waiting suffer you will not be disappointed.

It all started with me sending a message to Rob about chasing a custom stabwood/resin hybrid mod. After a short conversation by DM we established what i was chasing.

Lipo PWM with a custom case that would house a 30mm rta that was roughly the same form factor as the limitless lux - pretty much a box mod with rounded edges.

I showed Rob a stabwood block I liked the look of to give him an idea what colours I was after I also let him know the colour fittings I was thinking of.

This is the block pic I sent to give him a rough idea of the colours (not the block used).

A few weeks later (Rob had an operation he was recovering from and a few in the queue in front of me) I got a number of images of the raw case (plus a couple more from different angles)


Shortly followed by some more teaser pics


A few days later a tracking number woot woot it was on it’s way.

This morning it arrived I ripped the package open in front of the post office like a kid on xmas day.

Charged the lipo and 20 mins later was blasting away on it - WOW.

Others have said the flavour was amazing - me sceptical that a mod could make that much of a difference was proved wrong - it makes good juice great and great juice amazing.

The ramp time on this is non existent hit the button it is billowing and i am running it at about a 1/4 of what it can do.

Vape porn photos close your eyes if you are on the list waiting for one because these will make you want one even faster.

Super neat and well put together

Oh that wood is stunning

Holds my 30mm aromamizer plus and doesn’t look out of proportion.

Cons : There are cons I hear you ask - no there are not aside from the camping at the mailbox stalking the postie.

One small thing is I had to adjust the 510 on the tank so that it made contact (tbh had me scratching my head for a minute or two)

@Whiterose0818 it has been a pleasure to work with you on this and I will when I need another I will be hitting you up.

Cheers Guys stop procrastinating and throwing money are 2nd rate mods try one of these you will not be disappointed.


Thats an outstanding looking mod Woftam.
And just think… All those boxes that are pictured in the background, you will never use again :laughing:


Lol they are out of rotation anyhow. There are others that will stay in rotation but just not get used as much now


Thats just plain Sad,to,to,treat them like blacksheep,lol. J/K. I’m just jealous is all. Love the looks 100%.


Sooooo very beautiful man, MAN i need another one…my paypal saving isnt climbing quick enough!!..lol


Woftam, that is a beaut! Love everything about it.


Wotfam, Your beautiful mod is the one that pushed me over the edge!
I am already exchanging details with Whiterose to order mine.
While I’m here I have a question for all you Whiterose mod owners:
What’s the lowest ohm build you’ve ever used on the mod?
I’m asking as I usually vape 0.08 - 0.11 ohm builds on a mech mod with a Sony VTC 5A, and was wondering if setting the voltage output to say 3.8v (voltage drop considered), whether it would be the equivalent to vaping a fully charged single 18650 on a mech mod, or are there any other things specific to PWM that I need to take into consideration?
I did ask Whiterose the same question, but feel bad about asking him so many questions, so if anyone can answer before he does, it’ll save him the time and bother.


This is one question that I can answer. The lowest I’ve built is .14-.16. Not positive but I believe .11 is the lowest you can build on the mod.

@ .20 it will still hit harder than a tube mod in my opinion. Keep in mind the lowest build I’ve put on a tube mod is around .4. Except the time I put a very low ohm build on a NC running in series. I won’t make that mistake again.

One thing you will find with WhiteRose is that he will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Best customer service you can get.


Here’s the response he gave me when I asked the same question. Hope it helps.


I guess it’s best to hear from the horses mouth as it were.
If the principles of ohms law apply to PWM mods and nothing is different, I will be ok. I just need to know if that’s the case or not.


So it sounds as if regular ohms law applies. Thanks.


From everything I’ve seen from you, you seem very sharp and intelligent. You will have no issues with a WhiteRose mod other than the tempataion to buy more of them, lol.


:grinning: Thanks for the compliment.
I guess I’m just a dumb ass who hides it well!:wink:


Obsession more like…


It’s not a fucking obsession. I do not nee… … OHHHHHH, is that the latest stabwood. Honey, the kid is not going to college!!!


i wanna take the time to share this info here:
it is best to keep your resistance higher and use more voltage…it keeps the amps down, which is significantly safer on your cells. PLUS…it tastes better. everyone i’ve talked to that builds upward to 0.4-1.0 ohms and seriously throws the voltage to the coils all agree that the flavor production goes up…not to mention its safer on the cells.


did i mention its safer on your cells?