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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Twice brother. Lol. You seem well versed on this topic. Did you talk to someone about the exact topic? Sounds eerily familiar.


So what you are saying is “Do not forget to bring a towel and a higher ohm coil and throw some volts to it. Not Amps.”


good call!


Obsessed? Not me

Two new WhiteRose family members.

Red and black is pretty special. Lipo, NLPWM, heavy and comfortable in the hand.

Resin/stabwood hybrid is dual 18650, PWM Smartboard v2.2 Oh, did you see the thing lights up like the sun when you press the fun button?


Saw this stunning mod on WR Instagram…I just stared at it for a while lol. Great score!


You’re such a pric…I mean cactus.
No, no jealousy here.


Holy Crap
I JUST got mine! NOW I have to get another one!
Dammit! :grinning:


No, you had it right the first time!





Nice to see that I’m not the only one with OCD as far as vape gear is concerned.
When I stopped smoking and started vaping I thought I’d save money too.
As it turns out, I’m spending way more than I used to spend on cigs!:open_mouth:


But we are healthier. Broke, but healthy. :laughing:


True, and we enjoy the vape mail, even though we don’t use a lot of what we buy.:joy:


Ain’t that the truth.


Do you get much noise (buzz) from the PWM Smartboard v2.2?


A little hum. I actually like that quite a lot. I know when that hum starts that good things are about to happen, lol. It isn’t annoying at all. From what I understand on the V2.2 you can change the hum higher or lower but I don’t have a clue how to do it. With the NLPWM I think it’s only one pitch but WhiteRose is the expert on that. I just love the way they vape.


I’m a little worried that it might bother me after reading about it.
But I guess no pain no gain is appropriate here.
This was Whiterose’s response:
"i dont think any of the PWM boards make much noise, but have chronic ringing in my ears, so that may hinder that, lol"
So I thought I’d ask someone who’s ears don’t ring.:grin:


I haven’t heard of anyone really complain about the buzz or hum. If I’m holding the mod a certain way with my finger tips wrapped around the battery door side I can feel it a little more pronounced. It is not unpleasant.

My coworker ordered one from WhiteRose. He got simple black with his name engraved at the very bottom. His only worry was if it would in fact hum like mine did. If it didn’t hum he didn’t want it :laughing:


Mine is very faint hum can’t hear it unless i put it close to my ear (i must have to turn it up a bit lol) the hum from my ipv8 is much much louder.


Thanks guys.
Wotfam, how long does that 1500Mah battery last you compared to how 2 X 18650s last you on regulated mods?


Does the hum sound louder than the gf hum?