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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Nothing can hum louder then a GF :wink:


I take it a wife’s hum is non existent. Heh heh


I’ve always presumed the hum is the PWM pulsing?..am I right? I ask because I’m testing the VooPoo Drag…which claims to be a PWM MOS chip…completely silent and no one I have seen review it has mentioned it being a PWM…so I’m guessing it’s not one…?


I am far from qualified to give you a definitive answer, but apparently, there is now a silent PWM board: https://www.bigalsmods.com/product-p/1001.htm.
Maybe what you’re testing has one?


the hum is the mosfet switching on and off really quickly.


I like the hum. It lets me know its working. But it scared me at first. I thought I’d put the batteries in wrong or something and it was about to blow up. :stuck_out_tongue:


So @Whiterose0818 you nailed it again. This is perfect and is me!

The white on black is sick. I love it so much!


The white on black on the inside is sick too. Love it.


The only time I get a noticeable hum is when I put in fresh/fully charged batteries and you can only hear it for a little while. Personally I think it’s pretty cool.


That is one truly awesome lookin box there @Skullblade789.
I’m actually a little awestruck (and envious)


Yeah, I thought about this one. I love it so much.


Your forethought is apparent. Well done my friend! :+1:
And that engraving on the lid AND box is extremely well done. Again, well done @Whiterose0818


Beautiful dude, absolutely love it :ok_hand:


It fits me very well.


Very nice Skullblade789! Beautiful piece.


Thank you I love it.


@woftam I was just thinking about what you said about the rotation thing.
I’ve tried keeping my other mods in the “rotation”. I just can’t. My WhiteRose PWM IS the rotation now. I really have tried using the others, but they don’t seem to be able to hold a candle to the PWM.
Even my beloved Eleaf with my Atlantis 2 can’t compare.


How would i order one ? Does he have a website ? I searched but coudnt find anything.


He doesn’t have a website. You need to pm him on here


Read my ode to Whiterose.