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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Sorry for potato focus, 18mp, can’t focus on white for any reason.

Just got it, NLPWM board. Love it.


Absolutely gorgeous! !!!


Hell yeah! Sweet mod man.


I am geeking out waiting for mine to arrive tomorrow…Dual 20700a PWM…pics when it arrives…


I just came across Battery Mooch’s rating on the MaxAmp 1850 Lipo battery and the results are shocking!
There are links at the bottom of the article to his Lipo ratings.
Until I found this, I was planning on using one in the mod I’m about to order.
As I’m sure most of you are aware, Mooch is considered to be the go to guy for anything relating to vape batteries.


What coils are you running in your Troll? I just got a black NLPWM mod from Rob today. Don’t wanna blow my face off.


Sorry, that question is for @JMak642.


Really short answer. .4 ohm, 13.5 wraps on 4mm mandrel, 24g 316l dual contact macro coil.

Short answer. Unless you wear big boy pants and have a good understanding of electronics, batteries, discharge ratings, and ohms law, you shouldn’t go below say .35 ohm or .4 ohm. You’ll get plenty of power and definitely not be at the hospital unless you seriously cock something up. I have a detailed understanding of these things, and I still build for series boxes at .4 ohm or so.

Long answer. In a series battery configuration, for all practical intent, the top battery in the stack carries the full current and voltage of the circuit. This means if you give the mod 2 batteries, its going to deliver up to 8.4v through that battery. If you then put a .2 ohm coil on it set to 8.4v, you are asking that top battery to deliver roughly 40 amps in nice round numbers. If you are using Sammy 30Qs, this is like double what Mooch says they can do safely. At best, you are dramatically shortening the battery’s functional lifespan, at worst you are risking venting or thermal runaway. Thusly, my recommendation is to build so that you do not exceed the amp limit of the top battery at the desired voltage, in most situations, .4 ohm. I know, these are in many ways overly cautious recommendations. Pulse ratings, voltage drop, etc will play a part if you want to actually model or measure the current on the circuit. Whiterose strongly recommends the VTC5a in this mod, and I agree with him. I am limping by until my VTC5a order gets in from Illumn this week with some LG HD2 cells and some Sammy 25r5 cells that I had previously married as series batteries. In general I’d recommend you observe and adhere to the published or tested (by Mooch) discharge ratings of your batteries, believe in ohms law like the bible, and try your very best not to get on the news, because that hurts all of us.


Ok, I’ll wrap up some new coil on my goon clone…the mod is running Panasonic 20700a batteries that run at 30a. Not sure if mooch has tested them yet…I think he has…saw a thread somewhere i think…??


Use an Ohms law calculator: http://www.ohmslawcalculator.com/ohms-law-calculator
Enter your voltage (8.4) and coil resistance (for example 0.25) and it shows you the Amps used.
Although you’ll never really get 8.4 after voltage drop and battery sag, it’s still the safest way to calculate the Amps the battery draws.
Mooch has not tested the Panasonics: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-entry/20700-21700-battery-safety-ratings-table.7827/


Hey gang… Just a heads up. @Whiterose0818 changed his Instagram URL/name. You can follow this badass creator here:

If you don’t have an IG account like myself, you can still view his great mods. :+1:


I posted this in vape mail but I’ll repost it here since this IS the thread.

This thing is a champ. Most consistent vape I have. It’s stupid easy to use and soooo immensely satisfying. Clouds for days, nice warm vapor, lots of flavor. I’m using a Crown 1 with a 0.5ohm coil and it’s perfect. Bloody brilliant. I could not be happier if it was actually the TARDIS. Ok, well…maybe. :wink: I’d want it to go with me on adventures across time and space. Can’t run from Daleks without needing a good vape after, amiright?

What happened to the crown coils!

That is AWESOME JoJo !!!


I bet you can hear the faint sound of the TARDIS arriving every time you chooch on it. You know.


I’m VERY impressed, and that little blue light, just pushes it over the top. Question, do YOU Dr. Who ??


It’s probably the only show I’ve watched all the way through more than once. I have the Pandorica Opens bedspread. And multiple t-shirts. And a throw. I might be a fan…lol


Whoosh whoosh whoosh… :stuck_out_tongue:


For the love of God, @Whiterose0818 makes a mean mod. I haven’t built the Pandora atty on the blue beast, but the murdered out mod, with even a black 510 connector, with the Delirium v2 is my new favorite thing ever. Here’s a 10% discount code:
Link deleted, it’s vapor dna, don’t fill out the stupid survey

Seriously, best vape ever. LiPo DNA TC on an authentic Goon RDA. . .is pathetic compared to the Lil murderer.

Thanks again Whiterose!


I dropped my pretty girl up top for the 200th time and was slumming it on an Efusion while I waited on replacement parts…might as well get a couple mods with the parts, right?

Forgot how much stronger these LiPo PWMs hit in the meantime.

Build on the Delirium is 24ga A1 10 wraps on a 4mm ID, duals with hemp wick of course.


I heard such nice things about using the nlpwm board thru diff sources and kicking the idea to build my own box for a while. I am happy to show u the finished product and it rocks!