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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Yeah, that’s a real good job there!

Hehe, the above is Whiterose mod, he even took the pics. Worm and I were trying to play a little trick on @LordVapor, posting pictures of his mod before he had even seen them. Of course, LV got sick last night and ruined our fun. This mod is electrically identical to my pretty girl above, with the Maxamps 2250mah LiPo, NLPWM but with upgraded firmware.


yes , i know the battery is trash, its an old one


Since turnabout is fairplay, how about some pictures of one @Whiterose0818 dropped in the mail to me last Friday? This one appeared adequate for my purposes.

And, do I need to say “Schwing?”


Love that mod brother.


Another work of Art! Looks great and am still jealous,lol. One day…


I am going to rub it all over me after a workout and sleep neked with it for a week so it picks up my scent. FYI to any thieves out there. Not on the forum of course, on the innertube.


Haha, Whiterose did an amazing job on this mod of mine. I wanted a plain one because I wasn’t sure what I am going to do yet. Hydro Dip or engrave. Hmm. Maybe both =)

Thanks a bunch @therabidweasel and @Whiterose0818. Vaping one of these will make you a believer!


Welcome to the club.


I’m just about to join the club too.
Rob sent me my first order (plain black G+ NLPWM with a 1500 Lipo) yesterday.
Next order will be a stab wood mod, but I need to wait a month or so for that as my addiction to buying vape gear has been running wild lately.:grinning:


Here’s a family portrait:

From left to right:
The Queen: Stabwood 2200mah LiPo NLPWM w/ 30mm Alliance Ally RDA, yellow-orange display

The Pretty Girl: B box laser-etched 2250mah MaxAmps 100C LiPo NLPWM w/ 25mm Cigreen Gear RDA, white display

I Like Blue: B box, 2200mah LiPo NLPWM, blue everything, inc. display with 25mm Pandora RDA

Lil Murderer: G+ box 1500mah LiPo NLPWM, black everything inc. 510 connector, 25mm Delirium V2 RDA


Lil murderer is a g+ box.
Good looking collection, btw!
Much love to the Rabid One!


I was just about to upload a pic of my G+ NLPWM that arrived today, but I won’t bother as it’s identical to the black G+ that @therabidweasel just uploaded.
Thanks Rob for a perfect mod. I love it!



Damn tease!



Dammit bro!




Very sweet mod!