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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!



Going to take a VAPE BREAK on this thing. I haven’t even had time to setup my fancy tanks yet, but I have to say, the black SC sure looks good on it. Rob’s attention to detail is OBVIOUS the moment you pick it up, and then you find MORE instances of it. Notching out a small arc on the lid, with the 510 hanging over the side, which when closed, seamlessly integrates into a smooth finsh is a very nice touch. Slight notching of the arc around the top magnet to clear the board, and very tight wiring, in a very small space, is impressive. Unlike about pretty much ALL of my other mods, these magnets not only leave you guessing if it’s bolted together because they are soo strong, but then you are leery of leaving anything nearby when it SNAPS closed. This thing ain’t popping open. Nothing rattling, just clean, tight, and monolithic. Knowing about jack nothing on NLPWM boards, going to have to get some flashcards and memorize the hieroglyphic battery codes LOL. I tossed in some older INW reds just to speed vape it, and noticed they showed half power, so I’m gonna look around for my box of VTC6’s. Nice clicky buttons just tops off the deal.

Very nice Mr. Rob.


Beautiful. Enjoy!!


That’s it. I’m telling my husband I want one for my birthday.


@VapeyMama I don’t think @Whiterose0818 knows how to disappoint.



I think you’re right!


Fucking Marines. Always the glory hogs!!!

Love it mate. Next time you need a ride let me know. The Navy will get you places. Lol.


Hitting like a freight train…


nice rack :laughing: great combo btw with the SC and WhiteRose :+1:


Need to subscribe to this thread. So much beauty in one place! Esp. the stab. wood ones are so fascinating!


Shhhhh the server room is the best place to vape at work :wink:


What happens in the server room stays in the server room…


Look and drool! :heart_eyes:


Very nice, very nice!!!


Excellent looking mod. Some good work once again from Mr. Rose.


I kinda have my hands full, but I was wondering if someone out there felt like organizing a giveaway for me?


I would be happy to help you.


Dual 18650 NLPWM mod. Prebuilt, several colors to choose from.
Start a list of people that wanna get in on it and we can run the drawing in a few days. Sound like a plan?
And thanks!


Invite everyone
Tag everyone


@Whiterose0818 @TheTinMan1