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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Fair enough, I’ll be over here trying not to derail the thread!


I know everyone is ready.
So let’s do this for everyone and their time zones.
Or try to.
I’ll open 30 slots at $10 each. 5 slot maximum per person.
I’m good with this all starting at 6am tomorrow morning. That’s Eastern Standard Time. US time.
I will start a new thread now with an opening statement.


Whiterose Custom Mods, you only need one mod in paradise! (This is Turkey)


Marmaris, Turkey?


Close, but no cigar. Halfway between there and Antalya. I go where people don’t. I try to avoid humans in meatspace. Top among humans to avoid are tourists…I say that as a tourist. My hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Good to know I’m not the only person that doesn’t like people.


The Third Rose
Rob you rock Brother!
SmartPWM v3 Dual 20700 and of course an Aromamizer on top.


this is a feeler post.
For all you RDA users…I have access to a dozen Modfather RDAs if there is an interest. These RDAs are 30mm and have a standard series deck. They come with a glass cap AND a SS cap. It also comes with multiple drip tips. These RDAs are pretty awesom and work very well with PWM mods, being they are series decks. (series decks double your atty resistance rather than halving them). If you run them with two holes instead of four, you can run them in parallel
I can get these at below cost if i get enough interest.

Share and tag anywhere and with anyone!!!

EDIT 1: @Skullblade789 @TheTinMan1 @therabidweasel

28mm+ Rta Suggestions

Hell yeah!!!


@Steampugs @woftam @mjag @VapeyMama


Yeah boss I’ll def take one…abso-fucking-lutely …love my 30mm’s :wink:


I’m interested!


Definitely interested!


Yup I’m in


I am definitely interested


Anybody know how a series deck works without halving your resistance?


The centre post doen’t make an electrical connection to the deck so the power flows through one coil then the other coil (you have to have both coils in for it to work).


Ok. Thank you sir.


I might be able to jump on the wagon too!


So far, the list looks like this:

Steam pugs
Big Benny

I may have my hands on more than 12…I’ll find out tomorrow.
Keep em coming guys! If interested, let me know!!