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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Why you even ask, bra? Send me the price and dat S is bought…I mean one, not 30.

Wait, it’s a series Atty!? I might need two.


YES, HELL YES I am interested.


List updated.


Yes oh goddamn hell yes!!!



@Whiterose0818 i’m in


List updated!!!
looking good so far, Fam!!


Tag somoe more people. Lets make the best of this!!!


@Alisa @Cutlass92 @Mew @GalacticResidue @Norseman

Edit - just noticed you’re already there Mew :grin:


@Saxonn @SignMan @tbt127 @Joel5


Count me in! Thanks for the tag @Lolly


List updated!!


It has been confirmed…I will be receiving 20 of the Modfather 30mm RDAs.
15 are spoken for.
If no one else jumps on these, I will be offering the remaining units in future raffles.
Once these are in my hands I will post up and we will go from there.


Anyone else want in on this?
@ADKmac @Daven @SignMan @JMak642 @Jondamon ??


I have contacted some of my friends who I don’t think are on here, will pm you if anyone else wants in. Thx man!


The RDAs just arrived at my shop.
We can get this underway.
20 have arrived, 15 are spoken for, if everyone grabs one.
they usually run $65 plus shipping. I can let these go for $55 plus shipping. Priority shipping is $7. First class shipping is $4, i think.
If you guys wanna go ahead and send payments to my Paypal and shoot me an address, i can get these off as soon as monday.
PP: whiterose0818@yahoo.com
any questions? hit me!!!


I’m the leader of the pack.


@therabidweasel did you get in on this?

Nevermind. I just learned to read and scroll :laughing:


Screenshot (9)


Pm and Paypal sent. :wink:


Keep hold of mine Rob and send it with the shipment?..that cool?
I’ll send the payment now 🖒