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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Have sent you a pm beaut :grin:


Hey Rob just sent payment. Can you send the atty with the other shipment? You should be receiving the package by Saturday.


Rob can you please work out shipping to AU or do you want me to pay and then send the shipping when you send it?


go ahead and shoot me a payment for the RDA and i’ll ship it to you. We’ll take care of payment after i know what it is. I dont wanna calculate it online or whatever and it be too much and i overcharge you.


i got you, brother!


Done mate - lmk on the postage when you know.


Yes, sir! Will do!
I’ll send it out on Monday!!


Shoot me the address again, brother. I can’t find it from before…


Tracking numbers for those want them


Was being little noisy looking at receipt… and noticed someone is from Roxboro NC. right up the road from me!!


I don’t see any Australian addresses on that receipt. Looks like you’re screwed @woftam :rofl:


First one bro :grinning:


I didn’t think you’d see that :grin:


But the goal was reached…u made him sweat. I think there is some favoritism going on or is it to the most remote? one w/ the most wombats? idk must be something


I’m pretty sure it is the most wombats thing…


so sweating here i have had it on the tracking site for a day or so now


Yeah, I heard you were a bully anyway. :laughing:


Thank you Rob!!

Ok, so 6.5 wraps of 22ga SS on 4mm, spaced.

Vaping at 10 volts. It could handle more. Thick ass cloud, warm but not as warm as this build if in parallel at 7 volts. Methinks I’m in love!


What’s that ohm out to???



I’ve since pulled that and tried a parallel (2 strand) dual 24ga SS on 3.5mm, which was nice.
I pulled that one this morning and did a ridiculous 10 wrap clapton. Came in 1.17ohm. Slow ramp - uh, a bit. At 11V though the vape was good. I pulled 2 of the wraps from each coil and have that build in now. It’s 0.89 ohm and vaping at 10V it’s a very nice vape. I may even drop another wrap on that.

This is an amazing RDA. I’m having fun playing with it but I’ll find the perfect build for my preferences and enjoy that better battery life.