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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Mine looks like it will be here today, I can’t wait to start playing with it! :smile:


Your gonna love it !


So fuckin excited! The damn tracking info said it would be here by 8pm last night. GD liars!! :joy:




IKR!!! I’m bitch slapping the mail lady when she gets here…


What kind of juice are you gonna use when you start? :wink:


I’ve got a few ideas…


Its not Friday but I think this one should do…


Sound s like you’ve got excellent taste.:heart_eyes:


Ooor… Maybe a moist little cupcake juice…hmmm decisions…


Oh my, I uhh, well that sounds totally delicious as well.




glad to see youre enjoying it, brother!
you like that no whistle barrel design??


DUDE!!! For the amount of airflow you can get, from minimal to wide open, this is one of the quietest RDAs ever. Extremely smooth too. It’s just amazing and that adjustment is perfect. Not too hard or easy to turn. Yeah, I’m in love with this thing man. Now 'scuse me, I need some quiet time :laughing:


One thing I will add - that glass cap would be so much better with a smaller opening. It’s like using a pickle jar for a drip tip. But some people may love it.

I know how y’all think. Take it to NSFW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Arrrgh im gonna have to wait for mine you’re all killin me :persevere:


Holy crap, yeah its huge! wiggles eyebrows…


I happen to like pickles… especially really big ones


Well I guess your killed then, cause I don’t know how long it will take me to shut up about this thing.


I can’t speak on the rda subject yet but I can tell you the rTa is stellar! Although the build deck is a bit smaller, it’s the only thing that has challenged my beloved Aromamizer for being my favorite.
Building on the RDA is next up :grin: