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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


You act like that is a new experience for you.





Are you guys still interested in these Modfather RDAs?


Flat on my ass at the moment bro… I gotta pass until the bills are paid


Yep! Sorry I forgot to check back earlier. I’ll get the PayPal to you after I get out of work.


Payment sent. Thanks @Whiterose0818 :kissing_heart:


Hey Rob, got an extra one?


I do, brother!!
You know how to do this?


Anne would you be interested in this?


basic Paypal right? What’s the total?


Yes sir.
$55 for the RDA
Shipping choices:
$4 for first class
$7 for priority mail


62.00 sent. Can’t wait to play!
Thanks for setting this up brother!


Payment received!
Same address?
Going out Monday for sure!!


Yep, same address. Thanks again!


Money sent! Let me know if you need address info or if you still have it.


Damn should have sprung the couple extra bucks for priority mail 5 days to travel 235 miles. Maybe tomorrow :slightly_frowning_face:


i cant find your address…please submit!!


@Whiterose0818 just wanted to tell you that i love that sticker , very cool , do you still draw it on the inside of the battery compartment ???


i do on some. On some i engrave my logo on the inside of the lid.
And thanks!! I’m gonna start doing more stickers and biz cards. The cards will stay the same, but i’ll switch the stickers up from time to time.


I’m sorry bro, I did not realize that I couldn’t afford it.