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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


You know you can count me in :star_struck:


I’ll be in on this. 1st time might be a charm.
I’d have to know how to send the payment


Via PayPal beaut…WR pp details will be included in the opening post for the raffle :tada:


Let’s do this!


I’m in for a quick one or a larger one…




I’m in for a raffle.


Duh!!! Of course!


I will gladly give up a couple of breakfast sammiches for another shot at one.


I like this idea. :wink:


ok…heres my thoughts:
i have 3 mods in mind for this one…2 dual 18650 Smart PWM hybrid stabs and a DNA75 hybrid stab.
i’ll put all three up, first winner gets first choicem second gets next choice qnd third gets the remaining item. i might even throw in a fourth item that i will give in to the cause…just because i love you guys! And i’ll cover the shipping this time around, as well.
if this all sounds like a plan, and everyone is game, then we can start a fresh thread for the new raffle.
I’m thinking 60 slots at $10 each…thats $200 per unit, and i’m throwing in the fouth item for free.
All in favor, say AYE!




also, with 60 slots, there will be no limit on the amount of entries each person can get!


Aye aye captain!


Want me to sort this beaut?


That would be most excellent of you!!
We’ll run it til it’s filled!


I just got the gunmetal Aromamizer Plus, so I haven’t done anything with it yet - but man it looks awesome on my Where’s Waldo Whiterose mod! :smiley:


Yeah it does! Very nice. :ok_hand:


He!!s yes. I am totally jealous!!!


That looks awesome! I love rocking big tanks on his mods , the Sherman lives on mine.