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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


@Whiterose0818 hey bro, I don’t know if you would be interested in this or not, I thought of you, when I watched this vid. It’s only a couple min. long. Hopefully you might give it a look. Peace


That’s awesome!!
Thanks for the tip!
I will definitely hit this guy up and see what’s up!


It made it! Zapped through sleet, rain, and snow by the amazing Rob! I’ve named it “Mellow Yellow”.


That looks awesome , I am getting a unregulated mosfet built myself. What material is that housing? Love the laminated look!


It’s plastic. Very light but strong. Love the MOSFET too!!! I’ll give up .3V out of 8.4V any day for no arc electronic switching.


Sweet , thanks for sharing. I prefer light mods as well we need to get @Whiterose0818 to make a dual 18650 unregulated mosfet squonker.
I am vaping on the Driptech TS right now and it is just too heavy but I live with it due to loving the vape.


That would be amazing! Monster Squonker!


i eyed it up since it does look heavy, aluminum


It goes against everything in squonks I know. I love my little single mech squonkers when out and about but love a parallel build vape when I am at home. It is still 4.2 volts of course but you can safely build a little lower on them.

Question about paraseries

I’m with ya. Every configuration has it’s beatitudes. One of the things I love about vaping is getting the most out of each device. I’m not one to only vape mtl or dtl or only this or that. I switch back and forth with everything and like everything for what it is.


It is a PIA , I use it because I have it. I think I would have been much happier with the DS , but a friend bought this new and hated it so I got a deal.
It is the most complicated mech I have ever owned , lots of maintenance required.
I know @Whiterose0818 could make a much better one.


Removing the batteries is a PIA for sure.


It looks great!
In all honesty, I don’t think anything looks bad on a WR mod.


I am sad the Where’s Waldo is gone but happy to loving home, enjoy @daath




That and after a while you will notice it starting to misfire and just not fire very hard.They are using the housing to make the connections.Every so often I must tear it completely down and wash everything is alcohol including the screw holes, not just the contacts like other mechanical mods.
There is no doubt Rob could build us a better mod using wires and mosfets.


Then its not a mech…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry out off likes , but very true! I will take an unregulated Whiterose over this mechanical DripTech any day of the week!


I am actually working on one right now. ( of course wr would be better).
got all the parts from http://www.fatdaddyvapes.com/index.html


Please keep us posted on how it goes and post some pics as I would love to see it.I am sure it will be great !