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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


@Whiterose0818 hey bro, here is his first attempt at “Mod Showcase”


Without searching through all the related messages have you ever worked with a FSK chip?


I haven’t yet.
I have been asked, but the problem I have ran into is finding a board holder for the board.


Might have to be printed?


Will hafta be completely designed, because they mount that board in there in their own weird way.


I started this thread a year and a half ago to not only showoff but to showcase the abilities of one of our members. I knew he would build a fine mod that is just the way he is , he will always be his hardest critic and he will always strive to make the latest build his best. What has surprised me is the passion he still builds in every mod. I can’t begin to guess how many custom mod builders have come and gone during the past 18 months.
He has never told me no about anything I have asked for on a build. His response is the same every time with either a yes or let me look into it. If it can be done , he will just do it . Still not sure what happens when a client asks for something that can’t be done as it hasn’t happened to me yet. His word is gold and it is chiseled in stone , I have mad respect in this day and age for anyone with that attitude.
I will quit gushing now and just show some pics from the latest build I got today.
I asked him to build me a simple dual 20700 unregulated mod in parallel configuration with mosfet protection in a Stab wood resin hybrid enclosure.
The pictures of the build speak for itself.

Vape Mail 2018

very nice man…very nice indeed, love what he’s done with the 510 plate :ok_hand:


It is awesome ! It has been a few months since the last build and this was a very pleasant surprise!


Congrats on that stunner brother!


Thank you brother , I am very proud to have it but the real congrats goes to @Whiterose0818 for building these working pieces of art.


Dilly Dilly!


Henceforth it shall be called Dilly Dilly! It is so , it is written!
That or sunshine daydream! :rofl:


Made me snort my drink!



@Whiterose0818 sent you a pm


I’ve been in the hospital for the last 8 days…lemme get outta here and I’ll go through my mail. Thanks for your patience!


Hope all is okay


Like @worm1 stated , I hope all is OK brother!


Holy moly bro. Hope all is well.


Been thinking about you brother. Wishing you a speedy recovery!