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Win Innokin Vaping Gear Collection, New Year Gifts for Beginners & MTL Vapers--(Ended)


The 2018 new year bell will be rung soon. It’s time to choose a suitable set up to start a whole new vaping journey. Heaven Gifts is always so sweet to provide what you want. This time we bring you Innokin series – EZ.WATT, JEM/Goby and Ares RTA as prizes. As a pocketable device, Innokin EZ.WATT features three optimized wattage levels with low or high option and new Prism-S coil delivering pure flavor and throat hit, which is a good choice for MTL vapers. JEM/Goby is an excellent starter kit, providing a superior mouth-to-lung flavor with included 1.6 ohm coil. Ares RTA adopts convenient slide top filling design and a drop-in coil sky build deck for easy single coil building. Together with a liquid barrier to help prevent leaking and seepage, and a user adjustable airflow with numerous settings, it will bring an amazing vaping experience for MTL lovers. Simply join us, any of them may appear in your mail box a few days later. Good luck and happy new year!

To enter:

1.Did you use any Innokin products before? What’s your impression on this brand?
2.Among these 3 products, which one do you prefer? Why?
3.What’s your new year resolution?
4.Tag 3 of your friends here.

1.We use random.org to select 3 winners on January 4, 2018. The first winner we choose will get Innokin EZ.WATT, the second one will get JEM/Goby, and the third one will get Ares RTA.
2.Every one can enter 4 times at most.
3.Number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
4.We require at least 40 participants


#1 I Have never used any Innokin products before


#2 I think the JEM?GOBY because its compact and has most wattage options


#3 My resolution is to continue to never sweat the little things I cant change and appreciate what I do have no matter how small it may seem


I loved my SVD, it had that crappy button but i still use it sometimes. It was my lighsaber, i ran it with an Igo-W4 RDA, it was a great little flavor RDA back then.



Id like to check out that Ares, ive been considering a MTL tank lately as im considering lowering my vape intake. Ive had a couple MTL tanks in the past and they were quite flavorful.


@TW12 @Cany @Sparkky



I dont do NY resolutions. For 30 years i promised myself things on NY Eve and never went through with any of them. Now i just get the stuff done when it needs to be done.



@fidalgo_vapes @Kinnikinnick @JoJo


#1 Never used but heard plenty about it. General impression is fine. They care really much for people trying to stop smoking and I appreciate that a lot.


#2 Ares, because I like making my own coils and to see what is the big fus about it. Is it to airy for mtl or not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


#3 Eat more healthier food. Make more love with my wife, make more love with my neighbours wife, make more love with my neighbours wife sister, make more love generally. :metal:


#4 @VapeyMama @DaveDave @Jenny1978


#1 Never used an Innokin product before but have heard that they are good and reliable.


#2 Out of the 3, I would lean more toward the Ares, MTL RTA because it’s something I wanted to try for a while now.


I don’t set out New Year’s resolution anymore. If things need to be done or changed, I will do my best to make it happen.


@worm1 @SessionDrummer @woftam

  1. The Innokin MVP was one of my first Box type devices. Solid & Reliable it could take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’

  1. The Ares RTA, It provides a liquid barrier that prevents seepage or leaking. While providing an amazing vaping experience for professional mouth to lung enthusiasts

  1. I want to loss 200 pounds and get back to my original birth weight of 9lbs 8oz.
    Oh and of course promote World Peace