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Win Innokin Vaping Gear Collection, New Year Gifts for Beginners & MTL Vapers--(Ended)

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No, so I don’t have any impression


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EZ.WATT because i need a backup mod.


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1920x1080, just kidding I don’t resoluting by the year but by they the day.


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Post 1. Have I tried any innokin products?

Oddly enough, no. There are just so many good products on the market.


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I have never owned anything by Innokin before but have tried a cool fire mod that a friend in work used.
Innokin is a great brand with very good products.


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I would have to go for the Ares RTA as I do like to build my own coils.


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My current employer is shutting down sometime in 2018 so need to find a new job before then.


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Nope, never have! So…I don’t really have an impression yet. Lol


The RTA. Because its rebuildable.
None of these really fit my vaping style but I love having stuff on hand that I can give to new vapers!


To keep being awesome. Lol Maybe also to cuss a little more, gotta step up my game there…


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1.Did you use any Innokin products before? What’s your impression on this brand?
I have not used any of their products and can’t really give an impression unless I have used them.


2.Among these 3 products, which one do you prefer? Why?
I like the Ares RTA because I think I would get the most use out of it and it is different from any RTAs I have. However, any of the prizes are things I would be grateful for. The Jem Goby would be good to have to give to someone who wants to quit smoking. The EZ Watt could be good to give to someone who is trying to vape but not finding it enjoyable enough, but isn’t ready for a big mod yet.


Post 2. Tag 3 people. @Molly_Mcghee @ozo @Amy2


Post 3
Which product am I most interested? The ares.


Post 4.

New Years resolution. To mix more ejuice in a more timely manner for my adv’s.


3.What’s your new year resolution?
I don’t make resolutions. But I am figuring out how I would like to make different efforts towards a very long term problem in the new year. :smiley: